About Moi

I've always hated 'About Me' columns. I never know what to write! But curiously enough, they intrigue me and I can't help but give them a shot.

So, well, how do you describe yourself? How do you start? I'm tall and skinny, have black eyes, long fingers and wavy hair? Nyem :\ Moving on,  I'm extremely whacked out, I say the most inappropriate things at the oddest of situations, I walk like a stork wearing high-heeled rubber boots (I'm a klutz), I'm neurotic and fussy. Sometimes I become nervous when I shouldn't be and I exude confidence where I'm not supposed to. I lurve, adore and fantasize about chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream. Good weather (preferably rainy and breezy) turn me into a philosophical, high on life, chatterbox where I go into 'in love with my life' moods. But the next second might make me sulk and groan and whine like a lifeless, injured pig on strict bed rest. I’m a dreamer and I’m a romantic books-lover and cuddly, warm hug-giver. I cry at the drop of a hat and sometimes when I laugh, I laugh till I'm on the verge of exploding.

I love reading fiction and fantasy and I love watching goofy, funny TV shows which make me feel like life should be like a sitcom. Everything should be planned and pretty and funny. Which reminds me that I love Calvin and Hobbes as well. And I still read the Archies sometimes. I love to gorge on gooey, cheesy pizzas and I love using awesome-smelling body washes and shower gels. I have a varied taste when it comes to music and I'm open to all sorts of movies. From the meaningful, artsy types to the stupid, girly romantic comedies. I love dancing. And going to a rock concert and screaming and dancing somewhere amidst the crowd is one of the things on my wishlist. Others include having an apartment of my own, earning loads of money and going abroad to travel and shop and indulging in the most delightful self-pampering ever! And trying out all the adventure sports and going to Disneyland!

I love Sheldon Cooper and Chandler Bing and Phoebe Buffay and Dr. Cox. I love Mr. Darcy and Jeeves and Howard Roark and Harry Potter. I love David Gilmour, Joe Anderson, Steven Wilson and Chester Bennington. I LOVE Thom Yorke. I love art and literature and theater. I love cute, tall, beaver-toothed, straight hair-falling-on-the-forehead, spectacled guys. I love long walks and early mornings and hand-holding. I love raccoons and hedgehogs and koala bears. I adore koala bears! They're the cutest things ever! I have an amazing ability to completely zone out during classes and day dream happily while appearing to be soaked in concentration and comprehension.

I've been writing since I was 10. I used to write stories and essays and then I began to keep a journal. Later, the desire to write became so fierce I used to scribble away in my diary every singly day. Now I just write in my leisure time; or when something major happens. Or if something moves me, or if I just feel like. So, yea, basically a lot! :P

I can't really describe my blog. It is so unpredictable and haphazard. There are posts about my rants about why I want to die; at the same time there will be posts which describe how much I love my life, while some talk about movies or music or the little, joyful things in life. I can be an obnoxious narcissist, and I can be a critical self-loather. I can be expressive and excited, and I can also be snappy and stingy. I often get confused, and then I confuse everybody else and confuse myself even further. But I try to look at the good things in life. (note: I said 'try') I love cakes and juices and cartoons and roller coaster rides and drama and sunrise and sunset and mountains and valleys and the feel of wet beach sand between my toes, stifling laughter between classes, having intense discussions over the phone and singing tunelessly at the top of my lungs.

So, to sum it up, I'm basically a crazy person. Yes, that sounds about right.  Thank you for stopping by and happy reading! :)

Here's my email ID if you ever feel like writing me a mail, which would be so totally awesome: astha.prak@gmail.com