Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Voyage

The sailor stood on the deck, frowning; looking over the sea,

He had faced quite a few storms; yet further more he wanted to see.

The air had begun to feel different; the water darker than before,

The wind in his hair, deep in thought; wondering when he’d reach the shore.

He wanted to stop and rest awhile; the motion made him sick,

But all he saw was dark blue water; and his clock maintained its tick.

He looked through his binoculars, thirsting for some land,

It'd been eons since he saw the earth; the roads or the sand.

At last he finally saw an island, flecked in the middle of the sea,

Small and quaint it somewhat seemed; yet it filled his heart with glee.

Surprised and glad he approached the shore; curious to know what lay ahead,

Reluctant at first, then nervous but excited; then all his fears he shed.

He laid his first step on the land; and felt the firm ground below,

Smiling he looked all around, the panorama was pleasant and mellow.

The trees swayed and the birds sang; and the air was fresh and pure,

His heart swelled up with joy as he saw beautiful flowers galore.

He thought of returning, but he did not have the heart,

He already had a bond with the island; he did not wish to go apart.

Further ahead he moved, and he saw angels moving about,

Rubbing his eyes; stupefied and awed, his mind filled with doubt.

The rainbows were shimmering, stars dotted the sky,

The water was sparkling, the moon bigger than ever up high.

He lay on the glittering sand, soaking up the beauty around.

He was amazed at the magic; he couldn’t make a sound.

The island seemed his own; it welcomed him with open arms,

He felt at home and at ease; he had fallen for its charms.

He felt so blissful; he thought he would weep,

And the angels surrounded him and lulled him to sleep.

The morning was fresh and calm; and he knew it deep inside,

It might have been destiny or sheer luck but no more could he hide.

He did not pay heed to his fears or qualms; he knew what he had to do,

“This is where I’m meant to be”, he spoke his heart out true.

Forever is a long time, but to him it seemed too short,

His journey wasn’t over, but he had no plans of reaching the port.

Strong and determined, the sailor faced the island, smiling; full of joy.

Then he breathed in deeply; looked up, lifted his arms and began to fly.


  1. dis ids the first rhyming creation of urs..dat i'v read...nd its pretty good :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. OMG!!!Apart from a blogger we also hav a poet here.....Brilliant work Astha.This should be added to one of the poetry books of X Std ;)

    1. Teehee! Come on now! :)
      Thanks! :D

  3. Thanks Gagan ma'am!

    Udit, you overrate me! but thanks! :D

  4. yaar ... but woh sailor us island pe rahega kaise? khana kahan se layega? hehe!! funny!
    the poetry in itself is good though but what prompted you to write this ... i mean the message behind the poem?

  5. Lol. You can interpret it as you want to!

  6. This still remains as one of my favourite poems. Your metaphors are amazing.
    I take it in a way that is describes most people. Everybody likes to be in their zone of comfort, but it's also about breaking free and exploring, and that's what your poem is about, for me.


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