Monday, June 6, 2011

High on life!

(And the sultry day transformed into a beautiful, breezy one. Ahh, Paradise!)

Today is a good, good day. I’m perched on a couch in my sister’s flat in Baroda, which is my current abode for the whole month of June. Why? I came here for my Summer Internship; reached on the 22nd of May and I’m here till the 30th of June. The time spent here so far has been better than what I could have imagined. I get to stay comfortably, eat enviable stuff everyday and spend time with my MOST favourite people in the entire world! I have been up to such madness that I just don’t know where to start from! Some bizarre activities include:

1. Running around and dancing like a demented baboon on the terrace in the rain

2. Singing old, prehistoric hindi songs (including “saat samundar paar” and “jaati hoon main”) with my sis on top of our lungs

3. Making whacky, idiotic faces at public places and clicking pictures

4. Screaming “Penis!” in the middle of a busy road (Seen ‘500 Days of Summer’?)

5. Going for scooty rides at 1 AM at night at an insane speed and screaming at a guy wearing a gaudy shiny shirt “bhaiya, shirt toh badi achchi hai!”

6. Lying around like a wounded seal all day hogging on cheesy pizzas and juice

7. Having Bavarian chocolate ice cream in malls and making orgasmic faces and sounds

8. Travelling in a train, ticketless (while being kind of hung over)

9. Gracefully (or so I thought) dancing in front of the Palace of King Sayaji Rao

10. Cracking 'that's-what-she-said's at the oddest of situations

11. Sitting on the Columbus and feeling our tooshies go up in the air and screaming our throats sore

And trust me; these are just some of the things I’ve mentioned, from the top of my head. Some things, nay, MOST of the things I can’t even mention here! :P The people I’m hanging around with; it’s just impossible to be normal with them all the time.

Okay, on the serious side of life, I’m training under a delightfully enthusiastic, fun-loving and an intelligent female, Sowmya. She and her friends started up their own business here. It’s called Discount District. Personally, I feel it’s a brilliant idea and hats off at their efforts and achievements so far! I've started working and I love it! I really hope I’m able to give my best contribution and live up to her expectations. I will elaborate on this later.

Also, I’ve decided on another thing, I will blog not when I have a 'topic' in my mind, or when I think it’s an appropriate time. I will blog when I feel like writing. I will simply start writing, just like that. I will not abstain myself from writing something I really want to write about, just because I feel my post wouldn't be entertaining enough. It can be filled with my gibberish, my nonsense and my inane thoughts. Because it's MY blog. Which is exactly what I did for this post =) I did not think about what I’ll write, I just started tap-tapping on my beloved little netbook which I oh-so-totally adore!

And know what, I’m feeling gooooood! A contributing factor could be that I’m listening to The Beatles. And you know how different types of music have different moods?

Dear Prudence, won’t you come out to play,
 Dear Prudence, greet the brand new day.
 The sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful and so are you,
 Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play?
 Dear Prudence open up your eyes
 Dear Prudence see the sunny skies
 The wind is low the birds will sing
 That you are part of everything

 Dear Prudence won't you open up your eyes?”

Beautiful song!

But no, music is not the sole reason; I'm in love. Not just knee-deep in it, but completely immersed, like from head to toe. *Blush* This month is going to be legendary, especially the last weekend! ;) I’m feeling very optimistic and positive about life. There is a cool breeze blowing in through the window and I can feel that even nature agrees with me. I'm smiling for no particular reason; life is back on track and everything is just falling in place. Touchwood! These are some of the best days of my life and I’m going to make the most of them.
 Life, bring it on!! :D

P.S. I love my sister.


  1. Superb! You are really good with words. In order to do this full justice, should read it at leisure.

    Point 4 n 5 seem interesting :D

  2. you are really peter sellers(Inspector Clouseau) of the real world, goofing and fooling around everywhere you go no matter what others think of you and as a matter of fact I must say your posts are horribly good.Keep up the good work :D

  3. Of course you're the crazy one, but this blog post seems incomplete without the presence of key elements:

    1. Washing the dishes with a clothes-clip on your nose =)
    2. Shouting variations of "chee pee" and "taa poo" in the middle of the road.
    3. Getting caught triply on a scooter by the most co-operative cops.
    4. Reading old sentences infested with your most favourite and overused word: "cute" :)
    5. Slapping, pinching and biting people in momentary 'spurt'al outbursts, then slapping yourself as punishment :)
    6. Randomly starting sentences with "I'm SO _____" - fill your adjective or verb here.

    Anybody who knows you would relate to the above! I'm so glad you are the way you are.

    P.S. Your post reminded me what the name of our dog would be ;)

  4. when we are together we generally do the craziest things and crack the lamest jokes and say the most nonsensical things possible.
    But the best part is that we always cherish the above and wenever we get together we are always like 'hum aisa karte the and vaisa karte the etc etc'.
    I love the parts when we hysterically laugh at things an outsider can never understand and will be bewildered if he/she hears us in any such bout of ours ...
    Nice post!

  5. the way you seem to proceed your life,is totally like the one who finds real happiness amidst every possible livivng!!
    nice working with words,as,your blog post injects me 'so much' of ATP's that i undoubtdly cant keep my self off from reading your posts with leasure.
    keep going!! gdlck

  6. wen i read ur blog..i realize life can be so much fun if u still remain carefree nd act d so calld sane wrld :D

  7. Manu, Udit thank you!

    Chee, your comment made me laugh for a full five minutes! We seriously are crazy :P

    Doo, you're soo right; thanks!

    Anonymous, thanks, whoever you are!

    Gagan ma'am, I know you agree with me, because even you are carefree and insane.. um, most of the times! :)

  8. oyeee!wow,all of that sounds real nice!
    I'm happy for you :)
    Looking forward to more craziness :D

  9. :D :D :D This is FUN!!! Oh, I wish we could have spent more time together!!! And, thankoooo, am so very honoured!! :D

  10. Medha, I know, right? Thanks!

    Sowmya, it was my pleasure! :D


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