Thursday, May 19, 2011

One happy revolution it's been :)

It was extremely hot today and I was trying to pack my bags (I’m leaving town for a month in a couple of days). The doorbell rang, and my brother yelled and asked me to come out. I was already hot and bothered and I felt even more irritated when he asked me to come all the way out. “What?!” I asked him (with the most annoyed expression on my face) as I came out and he gestured towards the door. A man stood with a package wrapped in bright red paper. He smiled as he himself started to unwrap it. I just stood in shell shocked surprise as I saw what it was. Ten gleaming, fresh, beautiful pink and red gerberas in a round glass vase. “Wow” was my first reaction. I was grinning like an imbecile. “OH my God, WOW!” was my second. I took them from him and held them close to me. “OH MY GOD. Shit, this is so awesome!” was my third reaction. My hands were shaking as I signed on the man’s paper.

After he was gone, I went crazy ballistic! I started jumping holding it in my hands, squealing “ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod!” while my brother stared at me with the expression which says “ugh, just WHY are girls like that?” I was afraid I might just drop the vase and it might break, so I placed it carefully on the table and admired the flowers from every angle for a long time. Ahh, they were SO beautiful. And SO pretty. They beamed at me, in the bright yellow sunlight. I am somehow not a big fan of roses, especially red ones. I mean, of course they are pretty, but they seem to be a bit arrogant. Ever notice how they’re all closed up? Like how some very good looking people look through half-closed eyes? Anyway, I absolutely ADORE gerberas! They’re the happiest-looking flowers I’ve ever seen! So open, so big, with their petals all open and bright and fresh! They seemed to be smiling at me. I couldn’t help jumping some more.

It was more than just a surprise. It was MUCH more than that. It’s amazing how one simple act can transform your mood and transform you. It’s not every day that you feel what I felt today. It’s not every day that your heart swells up and you feel like you will explode because you can’t take that much of happiness altogether. I haven’t been able to stop myself from smiling. I am gone, I am so gone. I’ve been off my rocker all day and I’ve to study for an exam. Sigh, I don’t care about anything anymore. I've been hugging the flowers, kissing them, and touching the petals. I’ve gone bonkers!

Thank you ever so much. My heart wants to come out of its rib cage and sing a song for you. Karaoke. You’re amazing and a half plus one! A million colon-phies! “Love you like a monkey on fire”!

P.S. Every second spent with you has been amazing. And I want the next 31,556,926 seconds of our lives to be THIS awesome as well! :D


  1. :D...this is my favouritestest post :)

  2. Astha, you are a beautiful person. These gerberas (gerabras) resemble you in every way. Thank you for bringing freshness, liveliness and colour into my life. Eagerly looking forward to many more solar revolutions :)

  3. Geee, thanks En and Gagan ma'am! :D

    Chee, Right back atcha! Wuvv yew! <3

  4. Rolling my eyes :D


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