Thursday, August 26, 2010

Starry Silence.

This blog entry is exclusively dedicated to this silly, hilarious, extremely interesting guy I met only like four months back. It’s crazy how sometimes you just click with a person right from the very beginning and then there’s no looking back! It has been like that with us. Actually, the reason why I took so long to write this entry was because I couldn’t figure out exactly what to write as the introduction. There is just so much to this moron and I’ll fall short of adjectives! :P
The picture is a little something I made for him, which I’m yet to mail him.
Except for the catastrophic disaster on 7th of June 2010, whenever I think of him I can only think of how witty and amusing he is and how he makes me ROFL, A-AND, how devastatingly CUTE he is. Seriously, I cannot even describe how MUCH I feel better when I talk to him, especially when I’m at my depressed best. And how when we start yakking on the phone, we go on for hours and hours oblivious to everything around us, until we look at the time and go "Oh God, Oh God" :P I just love this idiot of a person who is one of my bestest friends (because I'm completely myself when I talk to him and because I can jabber with him about anything under the sun). Also, not only is he one of the strongest candidates in my Top10 list, but he has also advanced to the stage of becoming my Back-Up! ;) *Applause* That is really something! This poem (“phom”) actually came into existence one night when I was texting with him and I wrote this sentence which he thought was cool and so he asked me to write a poem revolving around it. So I began to think and well, I just wrote it! Just like that! Everybody cannot actually understand some underlying meanings, so you’re free to interpret people! Yeah, so, here it is, an Ode to Cheenti!

Starry Silence
I lie back, staring at the walls,
Senses wide awake, slowly the night falls.
Mind wanders; off into another dimension it goes,
Thoughts sift through the breeze coming through the windows.

Thoughts, they fly, swirl around in my head,
As silent laughter echoes around the empty room,
The ceiling’s gone, the stars are wet.

The night crawls by, surreal dreams with it she brings,
Reality fades away, imagination gets wings.
I get lost in my dreamy stance, too blissful to come out,
Eyelids grow heavy; inside my reverie I have a doubt.

The darkness is shattered by a sudden blinking light,
I follow the source and it fills me with delight.
The warmth spreads all around and radiates from my face,
Pondering about it all, feelings caught in a maze.

Is it ephemeral, a fleeting stint of glee?
Or is it eternal? Or can anything ever be?
As my head touches the pillow, it starts to rain,
I smile, close my eyes and here I go again,

Thoughts they fly, swirl around in my head,
As silent laughter echoes around the empty room,
The ceiling’s gone, the stars are wet.


  1. Wwwwhhhhhooooaaaa. This is incredible -- and not to forget -- ammmmazing! Thank you so much! (Okay, before it starts feeling like an award ceremony speech, I'll move on .. )

    Without disclosing too much here, I'd just say that you're a chirpy and excitable character, but this "phom" reflects Another Side Of Astha Prakash, equally interesting, and not much less a "fan" of!

    Thanks again. In your own words -- this is really something :) :)

  2. i like facebook more than blogspot, coz u ve an option of liking it(something/anything), specially when u dont ve words..!! :)

  3. Hehe.. maybe you could have just written "Gurprasad Singh likes this" :P

  4. seriously ... who is this mystery cheenti guy in ur life u r writing phoms n all for?

    i don kno girl ... aa feel aa don no u no more!! ;)

  5. Oyeeee! I'll tell you everything! Call me up sometime! :D

  6. Any award for guessing who the person is?? N any extra prize for being able to correctly guess this person's background, traits, personality, etc!? lol



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