Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Flight.

She looks up at the sky standing at the edge of the cliff,
Unsure of what to do, her body is taut and stiff.
She knows it’s late and about time to go,
But deep inside of her, there are things that she must know.

Looking over the horizon, her feathers blow against the breeze,
Winter is approaching; soon things would start to freeze.
She looks up at the sky and oh what a sight!
Hundreds and hundreds of birds, all together in flight!

Her mother looks at her and sternly beckons her to join them,
Her parents, she notices, has numerous others behind them.
She knows she should stick to them, and remain aloft,
Then why are her wings refusing to take off?

There are questions churning and tossing in her mind,
And she knows the answers, only she will have to find.
The doubts that formed over the years are now weighing her down,
The suspicions that she raised, and was looked down upon with a frown

She does not want to be like them, she does not want to follow,
They live in a dismal world, superficial and shallow.
She has to find her own way; she has to break the chains,
She’s ready to follow her dreams, and prepared to face the pains.

How easy it is for people to tag on, how simple to get swayed,
How convenient for them to pretend, what a pointless charade.
Truth is, they are scared, scared to speak their minds,
Afraid to face the reality; cowering behind their blinds.

She wants to break free; yes, she wants to fly away,
Her family calls out again, but nothing will make her stay.
Talons firmly rooted to the spot, she looks one last time above,
Her mother has understood; what infinite, endless love!

She smiles and closes her eyes as the fleet disappears from sight,
The vast sky looks promising, and she’s ready for her flight.
The sun is bright as she spreads her wings, her chest swells with glee,
She starts on a journey of her own; she is finally, truly free!


  1. very well written....its commendable hw u thot frm a bird's eyeview :P

  2. superb astha..:) i like the rhyme scheme it feels like a song..:)

  3. great work astha..its too good! :)

  4. Nice poem but, its similar to jonathan livingston seagull by Richard Bach

  5. Is it? I haven't read it! :)


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