Thursday, May 5, 2011

Homo sapiens?

If you are reading this post, then I can safely and confidently assume that you’re a human being. (Or are you?!) Then I’m sure all of you will be able to relate to what I’m going to write. You all know how complex human emotions are. How humans have a tendency of misinterpreting things that people say and making mountains out of molehills. And how they think and overthink and chew over a tiny issue and let it get to them. A tiny little thing can disrupt relationships and uproot all the love a person develops for someone. What’s even more complicated is that every human is totally different and unpredictable. You can never say how he might construe something that he hears or sees. It makes me wonder how it would have been if I were an animal.

I’ll tell you how it would’ve been! It would’ve been awesome! I could have been a handsome giraffe, living in the interiors of a glorious green rainforest. I would have been free and happy and I would have eaten juicy green leaves off trees all day! What fun! Or I could have been a hippo. Lying in the marshy mud waters all afternoon, sleeping and eating and lazing around. Actually, I would have been great at being a crocodile. Because lying on my bed, doing nothing is what I’m best at doing. I would have loved to be a penguin too, a female one. I would have played in the ice, dived into the water and caught fish and my husband would have to take care of the kids! Hah! Ooooh, or I could have been a koala bear! I would have been cute and cuddly and huggable! Eeeeeeee, what about a kangaroo? I would have hopped and hopped and would talk to my little baby inside my pouch. So cute! Actually, I wouldn’t mind being a bird too. Flying high, high, high into the sky, building nests and laying eggs! Oh, I know! I could have been a pig! Going ‘oinky oinky’ and, umm, do you guys know the thing about female pigs? (kheekheekhee) *blush*

Wait, I got it! I’ll be a lion! All the animals would be afraid of me, and all I’ll have to do is sleep, eat and mate! Ahh, that’s the life! Do you see what I’m talking about? All these animals, they don’t have to care about relationships and hurting their partners, or getting married or divorced. They don’t mull over something stupid that a loved one said to them. They don’t pass snide comments to each other and cook ways to hurt the ones they love. They don’t have to cry their eyes out over a break up and have mental breakdowns and then go and visit the shrink to get their heads straight. Is it really such a good thing to be a human being?

Yesterday, while I was thinking about something stupid I said to somebody and feeling all guilty about it, (while also trying to study for my exam) I noticed my dog sleeping peacefully on the floor. She’d kept her face on her paws and she looked so contended. I would want to be her. (I would love to be a tiny puppy!) She gets to eat, she gets to play, she is loved by everyone and all she has to do is sleep and wag her tail. She doesn’t care about studying, or mugging up those stats formulae, or scoring good marks or making her parents happy. Then this one question rang through my head “Why did I have to be a human being?!” Automatically, I thought of ‘The Animal Song’ by Savage Garden and when I listened to it, I realized that was exactly how I was feeling.

“I am having difficulties keeping to myself,
Feelings and emotions better left upon the shelf.
Animals and children tell the truth, they never lie,
Which one is more human, there’s a thought now you decide!

I want to live, like animals; careless and free, like animals.
I want to live, I want to run through the jungle,
The wind in my hair and the sand at my feet.”

So true, right? You wouldn’t even have to live such long lives, full of struggle and strife. Break away from this chaotic, messy, crowded life and go live in the Savannas. Run free and happy and liberated! Have simple, happy, short lives!
But then the next day, I contradicted myself. I AM glad to be a human being. I DO feel lucky to feel all these emotions. How I had this sudden change of views? I came across something which made me feel all happy and warm again! I will share that something with all of you in my next entry. For now, I’d like to dedicate this post to all the wonderful animals the world over! I love you all and you make this planet a magical, exotic, exciting place to live in! Cheers to our wildlife!


  1. luvd d descriptions of animals..nd now wondering whch animal do i wanna be ;)

  2. I want to be a snow leopard.......great post, do u always write this good? :D

  3. @Gagan ma'am: Thank you! I think you would be great as an Ostrich! Tall, big, powerful and energetic! :)

    @Udit: Erm, gee, thanks! And snow leopard? Hmm, that's classy ;)

  4. Na.. I'd rather be an animal...

    Good writing girl...! but... I'd rather be an animal.. as they say... a squirrel :)

  5. ooooh, i get to post an anonymous comment, :P

    but i think you'd guess who i am, :P

  6. yes of course. your ':P's and your comma-ended sentences reveal it all :P

    err, by the way, this wasn't a comment about my post :\

  7. Lion sounds the most interesting ;)

    Nicely constructed blog entry and definitely some food for thought. But the whole point about being human is our emotional quotient! This was a part of evolution. Probably the first man/woman on earth would have been just like animals n gone on a mission to propagate life n advocate 'survival of the fittest'. N then, the whole concept of union n family would have gained its sacred stature (thankfully) over time.


  8. chinky............I just loved it....its 12.30 am and I cant believe how much I want to read every bit of your writings......For a second, even I got confused if I want to remain a human or not.....very well done....I can see you becoming a celebrity one day!!!!


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