Monday, July 18, 2011

Heart of the Sunrise

One day when I’ll be all old, stiff and wrinkly, sitting by myself in my vegetable garden looking at the birds and thinking about the good ol’ days, I’m sorely going to miss this phase of my life. It’s 3 AM at night, ‘Heart of the Sunrise’ is playing in the background and the weather is rainy and beautiful in a sad sort of way. I have had yet another heartfelt conversation with my best friend, after countless of them since 19th May 2010.

It is so amazing to feel this way. The rush of hormones, the extreme sense of satisfaction, the feeling of being alive, the sudden urges to break into a little jig while walking down the road, the smile that spreads over your lips even in serious situations, recollecting memories and playing them over and over and over again in your head, laughing over sentences spoken into the phone, staring off into space, dreaming, listening to your favourite songs and relating with them, the peace and the exuberance, knowing you can never ever ever feel lonely again. The feeling is too powerful to be described.

I wasn’t aware I was capable of feeling like this. It’s like I do not regret any mistake that I made in life; because they all led me to this. I have grown so much as a person over the past one year. It’s hard to believe one person can make such a difference. It’s unbelievably amazing. I feel like I am high. And it’s the purest feeling in the world. Life is like a sunny beach, with the breeze blowing across your face and the waves lapping at your feet and there is a pleasant sense of happiness. It is exhilaratingly beyond belief.

At times like these you wonder if everything that happens in your life follows a predetermined plan. If everything that happens, does happen for a reason. Then you have very little to complain about. You’ve a cushion, a shoulder to lean on, a hand to hold, a goofy pal who’ll always make you feel better. You feel like you can go through anything; and that life has a purpose. And that all the shit that life throws at you, all the mean, rotten things you’ve to face since the time you’re born, all the pain and the tears and the anguish, they’re all worth it. Even a moment of experiencing this bliss, is worth it. Is worth it all :)


  1. All of us are in desperate need of that ONE PERSON.

    I'm glad, you've already found yours. :-)

    Very true to self. Unadulterated. Genuine.
    Loved the post. <3


  2. Speechless! Lost for suitable adjectives to describe this. N its really good to read something that comes straight from the heart of the writer.

    I am still waiting to meet such a friend :D but it fills me with happiness that my friend(s) have!


    P.S/- So what I mentioned repeatedly over the phone the 1st time we spoke was not too wrong...hahaha...but only I would know the exact circumstance/situation n reason behind such a topic in that conversation ;) (I guess) not even the friend with whom I was at the time we spoke would know (or rather recollect) :D

  3. Thanks Puja! I'm so glad you liked it! <3

  4. Manu, thanks, as always! I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that you're an amazing, unhurried, warm commentor :P
    I always look forward to your comments!

    As far as the phone conversation is concerned, at that time you WERE wrong! And even the other friend was delusional and too hopeful.

    But oh well, good for him! :P

  5. I think I have an apt name for you ... 'Dreamy Girl' ... :D ... hehehe!

  6. Thank you very much! Just like you use the blog space to freely express, speak, convey n opine about various matters and facets of life in a 'no holds barred' style of writing, I too like to comment in such a manner on topics n views that I can relate to or I generally like. Nothing more than that!

    As for that phone conversation, you are not fully aware of all the happenings, so cannot contradict me without knowing all the facts, lol. But yes, the friend of mine may have been 'a little' delusional at the time ;) emphasis on the word little :P

    @Sakshi - Yes, I too think so on the name after reading a few of her blog entries :)


  7. Quoting John Lennon, "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

    You're not the only one.


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