Wednesday, July 27, 2011

One Moment of Courage

Today I am going to tell you a story. This story is about someone who is a fun, almost neurotic person; quite like me actually. Also, she’s one helluva person; very pretty, and a very close friend of mine. Let’s call her ‘the girl’. Months and months ago, once when we were sitting in her room, trying to study for an exam the next day, discussing about her, uhm, ‘future’, I told her, “If this works out girl, I swear to god I’m’na write about this! I might even write a book!” Well, a book seemed a bit farfetched, so here I am!

It all started when I joined college and I befriended this crazy chick on the first day itself. Although we always hung out together, it took us a couple of months of open up to each other. And one day, while walking through our college campus, (bunking most probably), she told me. She told me about the guy who wore a red cap, each day, without fail. She had a crush on him. It had been a couple of years and she had done nothing about it. I’m going to refer to him as ‘the dude’. Being a Lebowski fan, he is going to feel flattered. (Yes, dude, you can thank me later)

Now I was surprised, because with her white skin and green eyes and all that jazz that makes guys get attracted to her like she’s a magnet, I expected her to fall for one of those chocolaty, extremely handsome, well-built type of guys.  While the dude, although very cute (dimples and stuff) didn’t exactly fit in the picture of what I’d imagined her better half to be like. But then she told me, it was his intelligence. Yep, believe it or not, more than the looks, a good, respectable girl looks for the brains and the personality in her boy. And he is one of those genius types of people. They belong to a different species, really. And I was proud of her. Now what unsettled me was that she literally chewed my brain for an entire semester, talking about him endlessly. And now I wonder, what did she talk to me about him man? She didn’t even KNOW him!
Many times, she would notice a red spot floating somewhere far across in the campus, and she would clutch my arm and go all “ohmygod Astha! That’s him! oh my god what do I do? Should we go? No that’ll be weird. We should stay here! Act natural. Ok pretend to talk to me!” And then till the time he’d pass by us, she’d fidget, and blabber nonsense, all the time holding her breath. It used to freak me out sometimes. He’s just a GUY for god’s sake! And if she wouldn't be able to catch his glimpse for a few days at a stretch, she would become depressed. It was crazy. I'd never seen anybody like that. 

I told her a gazillion times, “Talk to him girl! Just TALK to him!” And she would look at me as if I’d said something entirely impossible and unrealistic. There were times, when we would study together, and she would space out. And then suddenly, she’d become mopey and go all like “Yaaaar, maybe I should just stop thinking about him and move on. He’s elder to me and nothing’s ever going to happen. He’s not going to like me.” I would look at her in disbelief, “OFCOURSE he would like you, you crazy woman! Have you looked at yourself?!” And she would go on and on, every single day, and every time it’d be the two of us, telling me how much she likes him and how it’s all futile and how it will never work out. And I would roll my eyes in exasperation. Then I decided. Something had to be done.

Now, a friend of mine turned out to be the dude’s cousin. Let’s call him, uhhh, Billy. Now Billy knew about girl’s situation; so he offered to help. (Billy also happens to be girl’s cousin. Yes, it’s complex. But girl and the dude are not related). We had a maths exam coming up, and Billy asked the dude for help, and mentioned that there will be two other people with him. Now the fateful evening arrived. We were all at Billy’s place and girl’s heart was in her mouth. Anyway, we were deeply impressed from the way he taught us. Girl was half-unconscious and mesmerized. She jumped up and down, squealing like a dolphin after he left that day. However, she still did not add him on Facebook and did absolutely nothing except continuing to daydream about him. Things came to a dead end again. So I sent him a friend request myself. He accepted it and pretty much nothing happened for a few days. Except one day, on an impulse she sent him a friend request as well. Yes! Progress!

One day when girl was at my place, we saw that he was online. And even though she tried her best to stop me, I pinged him from her account and chatted with him and pretended to be her. She got up from the seat and rolled on the bed, screaming “Why did you do that?! What will he think?” While I just shook my head and continued to chat. Well, bless me, since then they began to chat every time both of them were online and I begun to feel that even he liked chatting with her. They talked quite a bit and girl had even printed her chats with him and hidden them in her drawer at home. I really hoped he would ask her out or something, but he probably had no inkling whatsoever that she liked him.

Days passed and girl became even more obsessive and crazy. My ears had turned sore listening to her talk about him and I was just hoping for things to move ahead. He was soon going to leave town and I was scared she won’t tell him about her feelings and it’d get too late. And one day, she heard rumours about him being in a relationship with another girl. She was crushed and said she was going to give up. I told her she had no proof that it was true and she would dig deeper and find out the truth. She told her bro and he told her that dude was single and had said something like “I’m looking for a long-term thing”. When she got to know this, she jumped and ran all the way over her best friend’s place and jumped on her car with happiness. But still, things didn’t move forward and soon it was time for him to go. Finally one day she told me that she had given up and it was over. I was disappointed, but I thought maybe it’s for the best and maybe now that he’ll be out of sight, he’ll be out of her mind.

So that was that. End of story. Time to move on. Except one day, I got a call from her out of the blue, where she was screaming herself hoarse trying to tell me something which I could barely understand. “What?! Stop screaming and tell me what happened!” I yelled. And then she told me. I opened my mouth wide and screamed, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” It took one moment of courage. One moment of divine intervention. One miraculous moment. She had finally confessed her feelings and sent him a message on Facebook. He finally knew!

(to be continued..)


  1. I've always said I like your writing style. So much so that I ended reading a whole blog on a teenager's crush! :)

    Also, I believe that if there were a Walter and Donny in the story (More 'Big Lebowski' characters, for the uninitiated) I'm sure they'd approve. I mean, she does sound like a hotty with her "white skin and green eyes and all that jazz". 8)

  2. hehe!
    you know Em also literally chewed my ear off for something similar?
    she managed to do it over the phone...all good fun :D

  3. what a piece!

  4. i "somehow knew" this was coming!!:D :P
    fantastically written Pazta!

    the green-eyed woman would love this just as much as the red-capped dude ;)

  5. and oh, i hope you know whose moment of courage it actually was! :P

  6. a little exaggeration.. but the exaggeration is true!! (maroon face) :D

  7. and now this blog makes me fidget the same way i did once!!! :)

  8. I could totally relate to it. Adding more characters would have been fun :P

  9. Eeagerly looking forward to more :)

    Get your gingerly fingers back on to that keyboard, post haste. Oui!

  10. AllTheDudeEverWantedJuly 29, 2011 at 7:06 AM

    this is like AMG stuff!
    love it love it..
    personal favourite part of the blog?? the (to be continued..)

  11. AllTheDudeEverWantedJuly 29, 2011 at 7:09 AM

    i meant this is like OMG stuff!!
    but makes sense either way..

  12. Agam, thank you so much! Walter and Donny DO approve. Don't they? :)

    En, hahaha! I think I know who you're talking about! It's so much fun to have share girly secrets on the phone! :D

  13. Chetna, thanks! :*

    Smriti, yes yes, you were the channel. But the courage was hers! :P

    Girl, none of it, and I mean NONE of it is exaggeration. In fact, I could have mentioned a whole lot more details y'know! :P

  14. Sugandha, thanks. Yeah, actually I could have! :)

    Chee, I WILL! :D :D

    Dude, I'm glad ya liked it man! wait for the next part! ;)

  15. Where is the 2nd part?? When will it release?


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