Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sniffly post

"Take me out tonight,
Where there's music and there's people  
And they're young and alive.
Driving in your car,
I never never want to go home  
Because I haven't got one anymore.
Take me out tonight,
Because I want to see people 
and I want to see life"

This is exactly how I feel right now. 

Loneliness is a very personal feeling. When you want to feel lonely, you will; no matter how many people you have around you, and no matter how many things you have the option of doing. 

Exams are on; though I hardly give a turtledove's ass about them. Every night I find myself snoozing cozily inside my blanket, with my notes strewn over my bed; cups of coffee and my phone the only things keeping me alive. 
Every morning I awaken to the most grotesque, disgusting, insanely disturbing dreams (of huge transvestites with giant purple nipples trying to bludgeon me to death) 

The problem which I was very hopeful of getting rid of, is still there. The persistent bitch. That's probably what's causing my hormones to be on a roll. You don't want to mess with me right now. This is how I am: Excited! Dead. Cheerful! Miserable. Singing aloud! Crying in bed. Hopping around! Lying like an injured toad. Laughing! Snapping the hell out of everyone.

PMSing much?!

After pointlessly walking on the roads like a fool, being a part of a completely uninspiring and inane conversation and flipping through channels of women rubbing a tube on their underarms and an entire TV crew barging into a common man's toilet; I'm finally going to drink some milk to ease my cramps and get some shut-eye. And hope I won't dream of slithering serpentine snakes strangling me to death.


  1. tumhe to muchly warm and cuddly and nice-smelling hug ki zaroorat hai...ye lo :)


  2. En! Omg haan haan! mujhe zaroorat haaaaaai!

    Why have you disappeared? I miss your blog posts!


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