Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beautiful mess

You know your life is messed up when:

1. You best friend with whom you used to spend every free hour talking about the most inane and inconsequential things, has become one of the friends who sometimes drops by for an occasional visit to catch up.

2. Your other best friend with who you really bonded over with in the past couple of months, is leaving town in another fifteen days. And she has a job. And she’ll be rich. And she’ll be in Delhi :|

3. The song that has been running in your head all day is “Ooh la la”. And you're singing it with a lot of gusto (The horror!)

4. Compared to older times when you used to read 3-4 books in a week, now you take more than two weeks to finish an 800 page long book, thanks to your ever decreasing attention span.

5. You try to solve the GK section of a mock test paper for an oncoming exam and you score an 8 on 40.

6. Your dreams continue to get more and more peculiar. And not in the funny way. In the creepy way.

7. You procrastinate so much, that you can even manage to procrastinate procrastination.

8. Your bestest best friend lives miles away and you hate life because you can’t see him every living moment of every day.

9. It’s awkward when you go through your entire phone book and you feel like there’s no one who’d understand.

10. You sometimes feel so lost and confused that even writing doesn’t help. Nor does sleeping or music or talking.

You know life isn’t that bad after all, when:

1. That best friend is still going to be there even if you don’t study together or share midnight snacks and she’s still going to laugh her guts out every time you tell her that when you look at peahens you feel sad, because they look incomplete.

2. The other best friend will always be a call or ping away and she’ll repeatedly tell you that you have long legs (though she has the shiny ones) and that you look good in anything you wear.

3. Sometimes singing and dancing to lame songs can be one of the most fun things to do. Also watching English movies dubbed in Hindi :D

(I once saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix in Hindi and boy, was it a riot.

“Harry pe tampishaachon ne shikanja kass liya hai!”) :D

4. Books are never going to run away. Time will. Time to devour all the books you’ve always wanted to read.

5. You know you suck at GK. Do something about it or just suck it up!

6. Sometimes after the dreams are almost forgotten, you can just laugh about them and say “Yeah well, you guys are just dreams y’know."

7. Maybe you can try to start thinking about procrastinating less. After you finish writing this post, maybe?

8. Your bestest best friend (Chee) will love you no matter what, and send you edited pictures of you that will make you look all pretty. Like this one:

Nice, no?

And will have the funniest things to say like “I’ll talk to you later. I’m going to open this book and do things to it now.”

And you will never have sane pictures together:

9. Actually if you think about it there will always be that one pestering, but somehow sweet and mostly harmless guy who will send you his kid pictures to cheer you up. And they WILL be intolerably cute. 

Seriously, no one is allowed to look this cute man!

And there will always be that guy who tries to be the wise one and he'll give you all sorts of gyaan when you go on one of your “I don’t understand why this happens to me” rants. And he’ll tell you that he thinks you’re wonderful and whacky and blah blah till you grin like a chimp.

10. Sometimes you also know that it’s okay to feel lost and confused. It’s okay to feel let down and downtrodden.  And that feeling will eventually go away

In addition, chocolate always helps! So do good-hair and cute-face days!

Also, check out this pic of Chee’s cousin’s baby girl, Sarayu:

Why can't I eat her?!

Isn’t she the cutest baby you’ve ever seen on the entire planet? Seriously, sometimes I feel I may be a baby-cannibal.

Okay, time to study and time to beat procrastination in the shins!
Off I go!

*“Chu na na chu na na, chu na na chu na na, ab main javaan ho gayi”*



  1. Okay, first of all I still don't understand how can a song like "ooh lala" keep on running in your head.
    2.You definitely need to consult a psychiatrist regarding your weird an peculiar dreams.
    3.Watching hindi dubbed movie ain't funny at all, even Mahesh Bhatt agrees to that.
    4.Study!Study!Improve your GK.
    5.You look cute in that pink cap.
    6.The baby girl is so cuteeeeeeeee!
    7.You are AWESOME.

    And as far as the picture of the kid in school uniform is concerned - OMG!OMG!OMG!

  2. I'm leaving. OMIGOD! I AM leaving! but we could do so much in these fifteen days...and I'm going to be in Agra practically every weekend. Also, I love you. So much that I'm going to tell you the secret to smooth and shiny legs the next time we meet :D

    P.S. I just mentally devoured this baby. I could gobble her up right now! Mmmhhmm

  3. LOL ... some lines are really funny and nice picture of urz there!! :-)

  4. Aww..yes, sometimes I believe I can gobble up babies myself. :D Okay, not in a cannibal way but you know what I mean. ;) And, I love your post because it is sooo the Monty Python way of doing things man! "Always look on the bright side!" :D

    And yeah, I totally get that thing about a best friend moving away. Mine got a job and moved to another continent! But well, there's always skype and Christmas holidays! :)

  5. Udit, 1. I don't LIKE that song, silly. I just heard it on the TV and since then it's just stuck in my head!
    2. I agree I might need therapy.
    3. It IS fun. If you're in the mood for it!
    4. Yeah well, GK isn't something you just mug off a book, y'know
    5. I DO, right? Thanks! :D
    6. She is out of the world adorable!
    7. Thanks! Gee :D

  6. brilliant !!
    i cud connect to all your thoughts so well !!
    loved reading it !
    and obvsly, laughed like hell ! :P
    keep going!!

  7. Em, still can't believe you're actually leaving, right? :\
    WHY do you have to?! We'll meet every weekend then. And do the hula. Oh, I'll miss your legs :P
    Love you too!!

    Doo, danke! :D

  8. Anonymous, thank you so much! :) I'm ecstatic that I have no idea who you are! :D

    Karishma (I love your name btw), I know what you mean by gobbling babies up. I call it the Spurting Phenomenon. Its when you get such strong lovable feelings for someone, you don't know what to do and you end up doing something completely crazy.
    Thanks for liking! Again, almost all twenty year old people can relate to this, right? The friends moving away bit?
    Ahh, it's nice to be young! :)

  9. in continuation to the previous comment:

    I can't get over this. :P
    you know these are like very genuine very honest confessions. one can't really do anything about it. nothing can be changed. it's all so true! even ooh la la! :P hahaha! i remmber my friend, she was singing this and laughing out like mad ! even though we all hate it ! and life long we'd b cribbing about procrastinating and about frends getting separated etc etc. can't help. and also, they will always be in touch thru mail, social networks etc. so ya, it's all cool. just that we never think of all this. uve compiled all this and it feels great to read through it ! :)

  10. Anonymous, exactly! Nothing can be changed about them so you better accept it and try to make the most of the situation you're in.
    and erm, now that you mentioned your friend, even I sing irritating lame songs just to make my friends mad. That's always fun! :D
    Separation and procrastination I agree, are global and universal problems :P You can't not relate with that :)
    thank you so much for stopping by! :D

  11. i just felt wacky 'this is like oh my god'-ing, 'awesome'-ing and 'meh'-ing your post all at the same time!!
    and chinkesh ill come more often , if thts wht it takes for more mentions in ur post !!
    loved it .. mwaaaaaaa :)

  12. wow!! Dat's wonderful, everything's coming up roses :)


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