Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tangled up in blue!

I’m starting to love Bob Dylan. And The Smiths, Muse and Nirvana.
I don’t like being alone in an empty house. Which, um, happens every day. Then I try to do things to keep myself busy so that I won’t start to sulk for stupid reasons. So I tried to moonwalk gracefully on Billie Jean a while back. And invented funny steps while dancing to Jailhouse Rock. Invigorating!

Really, everyone should try it. Just be stupid. Be crazy. Make yourself laugh. Let yourself go. Do those steps which make your hair fly and make you feel all pretty and glamorous. Pout, blow kisses into the mirror, catwalk, play an imaginary guitar, sing into an invisible mic, try to look sophisticated. Try. You need it during stressful times during exams.

I read a lot of blogs of people in their early twenties. Man, ALL of us sound the same! Stress, uncertain future, studies, friendship, doubts, misunderstandings. It was like I was reading my own thoughts expressed in different words. It was uncanny! It makes me smile to think that there are so many out there like me who fuss over little things, get cranky and confused and depressed over piddling issues. And then I read about QLC (Yes En, it does sound cool :D) in En’s blog. Makes sense. Makes total sense.

I’m extremely sleepy but I’m just whiling away time because I’ve to go over to my friend’s place in some time to study for tomorrow’s exam :/ Statistics. God, these exams will be the death of me. They’re making me corrode inside. I can feel it. 


  1. Good to hear that you are listening to other bands rather than Radiohead and I wanna see you do moonwalk on Billie Jean!!

  2. I can imagine you doing all those crrazyy things ... we did so much silliness in baroda ... remember? i have the videos :-)

  3. lmao...trying to picture the entire scene you described above. i'll soon put hidden cameras in your house :D

    yes, we are all in the same boat...stress, doubts on the very things you always believed in, emotional change, etc. but i guess, the feeling of frustration is a thing you feel more in your 20s than in your teens. wonder how it'll be years down the line when i am 30.

  4. Udit, I DO listen to other bands! But um, I have to be biased towards Radiohead. They're crazy good.

    Doo, Ofourse I remember! Get ready for more silliness this Christmas! :D

    En, heee! I loved the concept :P

    Manu, we'll be wondering about our 40s when we're in our 30s!

  5. I am going to follow your blog for all eternity now! :D You mentioned Bob Dylan and Muse in one post man! Awesome! :) And yeah, Jailhouse Rock is so groovy man, it's unbelievable when I think about how long it's been since I last heard it.

    And I agree, everyone our age does echo our thoughts and they're rather eeriely accurate, too. And I'd add nostalgia to that list of things, I mean, we're barely through a quarter of our lives, a fifth maybe but childhood memories make one extremely nostalgic at times. :)

    Oh, and good luck with exams. I'm giving my post-grad exams in Jan, and man, they can be a real pain. :D

  6. Yay! You commented!! :D
    I've recently opened up to Bob Dylan! And your music choice resonates completely with mine!

    You can't not move to Jailhouse Rock.

    You're so right about nostalgia. Childhood and school were the most memorable times ever! Thank you and all the best for you too!

    I'm still in the final year of my grad :)


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