Wednesday, January 11, 2012

So how are you Holden up?

I have a new favourite fictitious character! Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye. The book, to put in Holden’s words ‘killed me’. I had always heard about it but never ended up reading it because someone told me your mind has to be ‘developed’ enough to actually appreciate it. And boy, did I appreciate it or what! (Okay, I think I’m under the influence of Holden’s manner of speaking :P)

It was such a pleasure reading the book, I almost read it in a day and felt that it got over too soon. It was written as a narrative by Holden, who is this crazy little kid. A seventeen year old who flunks out of school for probably the third time and who thinks the world is full of ‘phonies’ and ‘corny people’ and mostly everything about his school and his friends ‘depresses’ him. The language used in the book is probably one of the strongest reasons why it is so famous and why it started this cult of young rebellions. It is brutally honest, has a predominant usage of swear words, is extremely human and it feels like you actually live inside his head for a span of three to four odd days and see how feverishly it functions.

Poor little Holden. He is just confused and has his own set of problems and insecurities. Although he comes across as a cynical chap, in fact, he is soft hearted and curious about a lot of seemingly insignificant, but delicate things. And the way he describes his relationship with his sister and his childhood friend. Man! It’s as if you’re actually listening to an adolescent talk about his life, you know? He is this innocent, bemused student who doesn’t understand a lot of things and why some people behave the way they do and is probably going through a rough patch in his life and he gets all these crazy ideas in his head. He literally wanted to be a ‘catcher’ in the rye. I thought that was adorable.

I loved the ending, where he just watches his sister on the carousel going round and round. It was so open and honest. I will probably read the book again, after a few months. Definitely one of the best books I’ve read lately! Yips!

Just catching up on a few more things: This is my last semester! Last!! It’s delightfully cold and appropriately sunny enough every day. The kind when it your hands are too frozen to makes notes in class in the first lecture. We have really good teachers this time. And good subjects and interesting projects to work on.

I’ve had what can be described as the most amazing, surreal start of 2011. Oh, Happy New year! :D I don't really get why a new year is supposed to be a big deal though. I mean, sure, it feels nice to write a new date on the exam answer sheets for a change. But then, it does bring a lot of positivity with it, doesn't it? New promises, resolutions, dreams. A fresh start.

New year’s for me this time involved a road trip to Delhi, (with some of my closest peeps) stopping to have tempting parathas on the way, eating and dancing with family and friends, lighting night sky lanterns at 12, swinging on tiny swings like kids while singing “I’m with you” (by Avril Lavigne), standing in the balcony in the chilly breeze, clicking the cutest of pictures together, meeting En (I’m thrilled about that actually!), running around in the rain and reaching a pub all damp and trembling and looking like wet chickens, eating with chopsticks and sinking teeth into delicious doughnuts, cracking ‘that’s-what-she-saids’, more dancing and just plain ol’ horsing around. And believe me, this is not even HALF of it. I wish I could mention everything! I really do! Oh, this so does not justify what New year’s was like. Sigh, but I guess you’ll have to make do with this much, for now.

There is a lot of stuff going on. Nothing major, but just stuff that might lead up to something major. I’m excited! Yes I am! Too excited I guess, it’s 4 in the morning for Christ’s sake! What’s the matter with me?
I’ll hop for now. But I’ll be back. Very soon :)


  1. You know I always make up my mind to borrow that book from my library but I always skip it in favour of something else. I think this post is a sign I should finally take it off that shelf and read. :) And your new year started off real nice! Hope it gets more fabulous as it goes along. :)

  2. Good review of the book...just like the book, your review n blogs too are of the no holds barred variety - honest, upright, even brutal if necessary n most importantly, genuine. That is the reason it is interesting to read.

    On a lighter note, about new year resolutions, they are all good in Jan or even Feb...but the real challenge is keeping them up for the rest of the year, let alone the rest of your life! But no harm in trying until you succeed ;)


    P.S/- Enjoy your final sem!

  3. Well written review! I read the book in a day too. On a train journey. And it became an instant favourite. I'm gonna read it again.
    Keep hopping hoppity hop! :D

  4. KArishma, yes yes take this post as a sign, grab that book off the shelf and read it! It'll be over before you know it! Thank you for the wishes. I'm hoping this year to go well too. It's going to be one crucial year for me :O *gulp*

    Manu, aah the fine young gentleman with his kind and inspiring words is back! My blog is so honoured to get commented on by you :D
    Thank you so much! :)
    Yeah, I'm not really too crazy about resolutions. And you shouldn't use New year as an excuse for resolutions to improve yourself anyway. Thanks, I'll to make the most of my final few months here! :)

  5. Ergo, thank you! :) I lurve that phrase and is one of my most-used phrases. Hippity hop! Sounds like a young girl tap dancing! :P
    Take that book from me anytime!

  6. @astha - probably an apt new year resolution is "always break resolutions/or dont make any difficult one" :D

    about your blog being honoured, feel flattered :D its more than one can take at a go ;) thank you. but actually, its my pleasure to comment!

  7. Loved the ending? In Holden's words, it killed me!

    Your post is sapping all my oxygen supply. Need some help here. You?

  8. Manu, the best resolution is "Stay as cool so that I don't need any resolution" :D :D

    Cheepop, you know we haven't done a proper autopsy of the book and the ending :O
    And you have no idea how raspy my breathing has become. What if all my oxygen runs out before March? :O

  9. Lol,it took me some time to get over the fact that Holden just whined all the time. . .
    Then it struck to me that maybe that was because thats the story with all my friends, and people of our age. We're just to caught being a grown up, and not being innocent and oblivious enough to the world and its selfish interest. But yes a good read. How I wish a modern day "catcher in the Rye" to come out soon.

  10. Tangerine, you're right, even I felt so when I was reading. But you have to consider the fact that he was barely seventeen years old. And at that age, you're confused and insecure and still not matured enough to understand a lot of things about people and relationships. I loved the fact that Salinger tried to portray the workings of an adolescent, troubled, misunderstood mind in the most honest way possible! :)
    And a modern Catcher in the Rye sounds like a good idea! :D


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