Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wish you were here

This is an open letter to you. Why is it open? I don’t know. It’s kind of thrilling I guess. It has to be more than just an e-mail when I know you’re completely inaccessible and vacationing in Goa. I hope you’re having exotic drinks and frolicking about in your Fedora hat and being the perfect eye candy to the skimpily clothed girls. Or should it be the other way round? :)

I stood in my balcony today, wearing only a single loose sweater with my hands inside the sleeves and allowed the biting winds to attack me with full force while I noticed the vapours coming out of my mouth wherein my teeth were clattering silently. I kind of liked it. I was thinking of you. And your abnormal gait and the newly developed hole in your cheek, which you purposefully try to pronounce so that I would compliment you. Right, like you need any more reasons to be cuter. And how you put your unimaginably twisted hand on your chest and say “that is correct” with so much of authority in your voice :P

I have realized that I should listen to you more often. I should have seen O Brother Where Art Thou long back, but I didn’t, even though you kept telling me to. And now that I’ve seen it, even I am hooked on to ‘I’ll fly away’. It is a wonderful, positive song and I feel instantly happy when I listen to it. I’m still chuckling to myself thinking of some of the scenes. George Clooney is hilarious. I’ve started liking old time country music so much now. Thank you! You’re awesome.

I’m addicted to OK Computer and In Rainbows. I don't understand why I’m so obsessed with Radiohead. It is so surreal and beautiful. I cannot stop once I start listening to it. Also, ‘Pigs’ is my new favourite song by Pink Floyd.  I talked to one of my friends about you today :) And another friend called us ‘disgustingly cute’! And cute guy with dimples has been texting me :)

I saw you in my dream where you were dancing to an old Helen song. Can you believe it? You! And dancing! We also had an entire conversation in it. You were plucking out your hair for me and asking me to keep it safely :)

I am almost done reading Love in the Time of Cholera and turns out, I like it. It has been written in a poetic, romantic way and yet it is funny in a lot of parts. I’m really hoping the ending to be good. It feels really nice when you follow the story of somebody else’s life and try to analyze why they do the things they do and then try to relate it to your own life. I don’t know, it’s a very good feeling, when you try to imagine yourself to be in their situation and then think of what you’d have done.

I know that I should seriously start preparing for my entrance exams and work diligently on my projects, but there is this huge inertia lurking about. I know I can get over it. My conscious mind says “I’m going to lock all my books away and deactivate my Facebook account and stop blogging and sleep less and switch off my phone and do some work seriously.” And then my subconscious mind guffaws with amusement and says “Yeah right” :|

It is so annoying. Okay, come what may, I have promised myself I’m going to make substantial progress in at least 2 out of the 5 projects at hand. I swear. And again, I need to start listening to you and STOP sleeping in the afternoon. The ‘naps’ get converted into 5 hours of dreams-infused, drunk, death-like sleep. And then I stay awake all night and yawn and nod off incessantly in the classes. Seriously, like you always say “something has to be done”.

I really like this line from the song ‘Tum Ho’ (Rockstar) because it reminds me of our long walks in Baroda :)

“Kahin se, kahin ko bhi, aao bewaja chalein,
Pooche bina, kisi se, hum milein.
Bandishein na rahin, koi baaki”

Okay I realize this is the most pointless blog post I have ever written but I had to do something. I’m missing you. Try to dream of me tonight?

Tweeky :D


  1. this is one of the best blog post of yours! you drift from that person sitting in goa to movies n the novel - love in time of mention pink floyd...n needless to add, yet another inevitable mention of radiohead :D

    you named this post wish you were here, i am sure you would have heard the song named so by pink floyd. its one of my favourites! yes, i have always liked the song 'pigs' too. about that novel, there is a movie also named 'love in the time of cholera'. haven't read the novel though.

  2. been forgetting to tell you for a while, but now that i remember, there is a movie you should watch. i have read in your blog about a few movies you liked n also heard from the person sitting in goa about your taste, which is quite similar to ours actually.

    the name is 'Incendies'. its a canadian french movie, easily available on the net with subtitles. the genre is drama n i personally liked it a lot. it brings out many facets of how your life can be messed up in the generational gap, n also how a civil war affects your normal life (not just about people dying, but even your daily life, n you actually feel like you are right there). the civil war part is not the focus of the movie, but the character in question faces drastic situations in the war, which changes her life. hence they dedicated a part of the movie to it.

    n in the background, you'll hear a couple of scored of Radiohead (not throughout of course)! i guess these are brownie points for you!

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  4. Smriti, :) :D :)

    Manu! :) thank you so much! :D Yes 'Wish you were here' is one of my favourites too! There is a movie based on the book but apparently it isn't as good.

    The Goa person has already given Incendies to me and it's the next movie I'm going to watch. Isn't he brilliant?! Your description has made me even more curious and I can't wait to watch it now! And it's got Radiohead scores? Oh man, I already love it! :D

    1. oh really, he too rates Incendies this highly! he is of course awesome, known him since July, 05. btw, about the radiohead songs, don't expect too much on that front. just a couple at 2 different points.

  5. followed your blog. new follower hope you could visit mine too. and

  6. Haha I actually loved this post :)

  7. This is the most amazing thing I've encountered. I've replied! You're awesome! :)

  8. Albert Einstein, thank you for stopping by, I'll visit your blog as well :)

    PurpleMist, thaaaank you! I thought it was all just banal chatter but I've learned that I made people feel all 'mushy' with this post. haha!

  9. Chee, THIS? oh phsaw! :P
    I saw your reply and I loved it even more!
    I jumped and fell and broke all my teeth and bones but it was all worth it! You make my heart do crunches!


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