Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday mornings

(View from our college campus)

So I know that very, very soon I’m going to be sent out (correction: thrown out) to face the ‘real’ world. I will always be busy, always be running about, and weekends will be so precious I would probably sleep them away. I won't have views such as the one I've uploaded above. Which is why I want to write about today morning. In general, about Sunday mornings on the campus. Even though I have missed a LOT of Sunday breakfasts because I hardly ever get up before 12 o’clock, but still, I am writing about the ones I have managed to get up for.

I was supposed to wake up at 8: 30, but I snoozed my alarm a couple of times and ended up getting at 9. I brushed my teeth, tied my hair up messily into a pony tail with my scrunchy, tried to wipe off the leftover kajal from the previous night, wore my Buzz Lightyear pajamas and my Wonder Woman tee-shirt, and left my room. I hummed ‘Your Protector’ by Fleet Foxes as I walked along the smooth hostel corridor, climbed down the stairs and got out of the gate. It was a crisp, sunny day and the breeze was cool and pleasant. I was happy I had my favourite black jacket along with me. 

Chattu was already there, and he gave me a toothy ‘good morning’ grin. We happily hoppity-hopped towards the mess while I told him about the latest developments in Dr. Meredith Grey’s life. The mess area is decorated with red lanterns and posters as part of promotions for upcoming college events. We entered the mess and started stuffing out plates with poha and aloo parathas. But the butter was over. For me, parathas without butter is almost sacrilegious! But I could make do with jam and pickle. We gulped them down and had a cup of tea. After we were done, we filled another cup of tea and sat outside the mess and looked at the beautiful view. And that is why I love Sundays. Sitting in the sun with cups of tea in our hands, gazing lazily into the distance with our pajamas on, and not rushing off to class or discussing an upcoming class assignment. You can just sit, and talk. Or not. Just sit silently. I WILL MISS THIS!

I just love tea. Even more than coffee. My mom never denied us from having tea, and since my family needs to have those daily cups of morning and evening tea, it’s not surprising that I like it so much. It is so comforting, and familiar. Be it in a kulhad, or in a plastic cup, I can have tea anytime, anywhere. Plus, for me, tea means a break. Snack time. Evening. Talking. Anyway, the best part about a Sunday is, you can go back to your room and sleep till lunch!

I have been listening to some Assamese songs by Papon. Have been particularly hooked to Raamdhenu, which means ‘Rainbow’. I’ll try posting the meaning of the lyrics later on. They’re beautiful. I want to travel after the exams. I want to go to Mcleodganj and Dharamshala, and Arunachal Pradesh and Bhutan. I want a job which I would like. I want to be in a city I will like. I want to earn money and get gifts for myself. And everyone else. I want to join Aerobics classes, and learn to play an instrument. I want to start exercising. I want to start eating healthy.

I just realized the possibilities in front of me. I can live on my own, and own a pet. Okay not a pet, but I can own a potted plant which I can keep on my window sill. I can have lace curtains and a bookshelf. Ooh, I can have this café cum bookstore which I would visit on weekends and sit and read. I can have a cheap roadside restaurant I could go to when I would be trying to save money. I can learn how to play an instrument. I can learn how to cook. I can make work friends and talk about work things and go on trips with them. I can take leaves and travel on my own money! I can whine about bigger problems than assignments and marks. I can whine about work issues and not getting leave to attend a wedding and not getting raises. I can whine about the maid taking too many leaves, or the rise in the prices. I will be, in the truest sense of the word, independent! Oh my god!

Okay, no more planning. A lot has to be done before that. A lot! I need a job, first of all. Fingers, toes and body crossed. Be back soon!


  1. I am studying right now. maths and all that and I always keep my laptop at my side so that I can get a dose of reading whenever I get bored. And here I am. The view is very definitely beautiful. Who won't miss that? Particularly when you have had such a lovely and memorable time. Oh and tea is lovely but I don't indulge in tea that often. I just take one sip or two from the cup of my mom but my mom is a super-addict, a passionate tea-lover. She can have even 10 cups daily. I can't even have one complete. And guess what? I want to start eating healthy too and start exercising. In fact, I recently went to this centre and asked about aerobics because I decided to start it but the environment was so suffocating that I dropped the idea and that's the only place near my residence which arranges this yoga and aerobics. Plus I want a pet too, a real one and you just gave me another idea. I can also keep a plant as a pet. I like to have plants and pets around me. And wish you all the very best for the job. Keep us all updated! xo

    1. I love aerobics! I'll definitely try to join an aerobics class when I start working. IF I have the time :) Thanks for the wishes! Will write more soon.

  2. I wish I had those sporadic spells of writing like you do. What you write is so simple and yet had me hooked from the moment go.

    I'll miss campus too and all those Sunday mornings. The aalo parathas, chui and walking to the mess with you all sleepy and cute!

    Anyway, yet again you manage to weave words and create a beautiful piece, something that all of us on the hill can relate with. And that potted plant thing is so cute!! I can actually imagine one on your window sill, and also all those things you've talked about.

    All ready to face the world you are!

    1. Thank you :D

      I don't know if I'm ready to face the world or not, but it's not like I have a choice, right?
      I'll miss campus, a lot. But I'me excited about the future :D

  3. Well, why did you stop thinking. Those were dreams and wishes, realistic and cute dreams.
    You will get a job. :)

  4. Well here's another tea aficionado. I never turn down offers for tea and movies. Offer me 1st cup of tea, i'll accept, offer me 20th cup the same day, i'll accept. Usually I have around 8 cups a day and guess what, my present Whatsapp status reads "I want to own a coffe shop." I'd love to build a coffee parlor where people can read books, play chess, listen to soulful music. I plan to have an orchid behind the parlor (like the one in Ruby Sparks). In short, I want something like Amethyst in chennai, here you can find more about it;

    I can feel your wanderlust, too. Even I'll be thrown out of my beautiful campus in two months. I have a similar list to travel around which I know wouldn't be put into effect because of "N" constraints.

    We and our world of reveries :D
    Anyway, good luck for your job. Keep writing! (:

    1. Hahaha! So glad you love tea as well :) I love coffee shops where one can sit for long stretches of time and relax. I checked out the Amethyst link. Beautiful :) Can't believe you're going to move out of campus too. Thanks for stopping by, whoever you are :D


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