Friday, June 13, 2014

Life on rollerskates

Life is moving rapidly here in Bangalore. It's like suddenly I'm wearing roller skates or something. Everything seems to be passing by a little too quickly. Does time move faster when you're in your 20's? I'm already right in the middle of my second month at my new job. I got my first paycheck! Oh, the joy. The rush when you use your very own bank account to withdraw your very own money and realize, "Oh my god, this is not mom's money. This is my money." It's as incredible as they tell you it is.

The people at work seem like family now. It's amazing, how we go amidst this bunch of complete strangers, and little by little start unravelling them. What they like, how they are, what are their qualities, what kind of music they like, what they read, what they are interested in, what ticks them off. It's like college in a lot of ways. You sit together and work on projects, eat, laugh, learn a lot about work and about each other in the process.

I have been getting really good work and I think I've begun to understand a lot of things which I was completely unfamiliar with. I do feel that it would have helped if I had learnt all these things in college, but I don't mind taking up the course I did. It was journalism that made me who I am today. And I like who I am today. I'll learn. Maybe a tad slower than the others, but I'll learn.

I cannot help admiring the spirit, the energy and the positivity that our boss exudes. How is he always so pumped up? If I had to handle all that pressure I'd probably tell everyone to go take a hike and go on a long sleep marathon. But I guess that is what differentiates great people from the regular people. They are so passionate about something, they would do anything to get what they set their heart on. That's how I want to be.

I have realized that in small companies, people frequently come and go. And because everyone is so closely knit, it really sucks when they go. Two employees left this month. One of them was my first friend here. He was the one who taught me a million things during my first few days here. He told me not to get overwhelmed. He told me I should be excited, and positive and should always try to improve. I had so many conversations with him over dinner. And long walks talking about so many things in life. It was the heaviest I've felt so far in Bangalore when he left. I only knew him for a month and I knew so much about him. It's funny how you sometimes meet people, you connect, you share, you bond, and suddenly they are gone. I've started to believe that everyone you meet has a purpose in your life. You had to meet them. Maybe they come to teach you something, to make you realize something, to help you get through something, or maybe just to share some happy moments. Whatever be the reason, they give you a part of themselves, and take a part of you with them, and that's how our lives are shaped.

In other news, Chattu and some other college friends are here in Bangalore as well. I'm going to meet them this weekend. Four new people are going to join work in a few days. Our seating arrangement will change as well. Even our office might shift to a different place. It feels like so many things are happening at the same time. It's one of the most exciting phases of my life. The week days can get tiring, but then the weekends are worth it. In fact, all that hard work makes the weekends all the more fun. You feel like you've earned them.

I feel so lucky that everything worked out the way it did. The weather is so perfect here. The office is a lot of fun. With a bunch of awesome people. And a lot of good work. I got to work with really big clients in my first month itself. I have a nice roommate. There is nothing to complain about, really. Except perhaps, the traffic and the bottle-necked roads. If that problem gets solved, Bangalore would be the best city to live in. After Pune, of course :)

P.S. I'm meeting Chee next weekend as well. He's getting me Swedish chocolates. So many things to look forward to, see? :)

P.P.S. A friend at work calls me 'Titli'. I love it :)


  1. awesome!!! stay the same positive person you are. Congratulations on your first pay check. I know how it feels since I lived it 6 months back. :)
    and I am sure you will continue meeting lots of amazing people.

  2. Ah the joy of the first pay check! I almost relived my first couple of months at work in Bangalore while reading this post :)

    About people coming to your life and then disappearing....reminded me of the movie Lost in Translation. Lovely movie!

    1. I haven't seen that movie. But now I will! :)

      Thanks, S!

  3. Congratulations!
    World is your oyster...!

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