Friday, November 13, 2009

Nostalgia... Absurdia..

Its 14th November. 10:44 AM. I am at college, sitting at the Computer Centre. HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY!!! :D Guess what, this was the first time that I didn't even remember that today's Children's day. It suddenly hit me when i read the newspaper today. School used to rock with excitement at this time of the year. We would either be taken for a movie or our teachers used to perform for us. God, I'm missing my teachers real bad today. Suddenly, I can picture Ma'am Dodia on the stage, delivering not-so-funny dialogues and everybody roaring with laughter. I can imagine Sister Lawrence wishing everyone a happy Children's day and distributing sweets. I can recollect all of us in out bright, colored attire, bubbling with excitement and chuckling and chortling. I miss my school and my friends so so much.
Anyway, It has been raining a lot here lately. As a result, its really chilly here. Just the way I like it. Atleast you don't sweat, and you don't get tanned!!

Umm.. college turned out to be not so bad after all. I mean I used to hate it in the beginning, but now I'm rather starting to like it. Ofcourse, the incessant tests, assignments, presentations, exams are a drag, but then its fun complaining about them. The one thing that I really enjoy is bunking classes. I never regret missing a class!! Its one of the joys of being in college. The second best thing about college is, you don't have to wake up at 6 everyday! Gosh, now that used to be a killer. I remember how many times I hadn't gone to school just because I couldn't get up in the morning! :P Especially during winters.
Oh and yes, something that I truly love doing is making fun of some of our teachers. Oh and this particular teacher, lets call him Mr.X drives us up the wall with his constant gibberish. We somehow manage to supress our laughter while he blabbers on. Ok let me give you an instance to prove how insane he really is. Once he had missed out calling my name while marking the attendance. So I went up to him and said "Sir, you didn't marke me presen--". He suddenly spurted, "Yas, I knows. Your the presentation has been the puts!", and gave me one of his not-so-toothy grins (because one of his tooth right in front is missing!) Imagine the amount of effort taken by me to keep myself from bursting out laughing on his face! Imagine how much stomach contraction it took me to avoid even showing my teeth.
God even thinking about him makes me wanna LOL.
Smriti, one of my pals here is sitting right beside me and poking her head at regular intervals, giving me regular inputs! :P Another thing that I'm thankful about, atleast I got some nice peeps around here. And hey we might go for a movie today. 2012. Yips!
So, to sum it up, I'm beginning to get the hang of the whole college thing. ITs fun actually. I was appehensive and almost nervous at first, but now everything seems really comfy. Hope it stays that way. Anyway, my class is almost over now. Gotta head back to my faculty. (I just love the weather!!)
See you all later!!


  1. yeah i had the same feeling in college on children's day ... no fun, no celebration ... makes u feel, u hv grown up ... i think they shud celebrate it or at least wish or distribute toffees ... lol ... to keep the child within alive.
    Hey this Mr. X of yours is really very funny, i was staring at the screen in office and smiling reading ur blog ... i hope no one in office caught me grinning away like that :p

  2. And yes though DEI is not like the usual colleges but its still very good ... u learn a lot ... enjoy ur college life as much as u can ... later wen u go out u'll miss frends and family

  3. Haha.. you know, i imitate Mr. X really well too.. When u cume home na, i'll show it to u!! hes unbelievably PEA-BRAINED!!
    aww u must be looking so cute grinning away to glory!! :D
    And yep, i know how it would feel to leave DEI one day.. so i'll try n make da most of the time i have in it!!


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