Monday, June 27, 2011

The little things

It’s about cherishing the little things in life. It’s about early mornings. It’s about having a meaningful, heart to heart conversation with a friend and witnessing the silent night break into a glorious day. Have you witnessed the early mornings? Of course you have, but have you really soaked it in? Like, felt it? Realized how gorgeous it really is? Experiencing early mornings are a rare phenomenon for night people like me, but sometimes when I stay awake at night, I deliberately wait for the morning. It’s 6 AM and I didn’t sleep at all. I stayed awake and talked all night to a friend sitting on the terrace. And thank god for that, I’m experiencing this heavenly morning.

I just love how just before the first rays touch the tallest building, the birds begin to chirp. And how the breeze is chilly and how the temperature is just perfect. And how the morning air contains the clean, pure morning-y smell. And how you can see the moon in the sky even though it’s turning bright. Look over your railing. No noise, no human figures, no commotion, no sound of the vehicles or the traffic, or the TV playing or machines in motion. Everything is so peaceful and calm and content.

Going for a cup of tea with my friend on the scooty made me realize how beautiful the roads look. Bereft of all the traffic and the people and the sun and heat and dust, they just look alive. It’s funny how when everybody is sleeping, the world seems to come to life. You notice things that you don’t notice in the daytime. You notice the trees, the sky, and the roads. You enjoy the cool breeze blowing your hair into the wind. You can spread your arms and grin looking up at the sky because there is no one looking at you. You can thank life for giving you that moment. You can feel fortunate to be alive.

It’s quite bright now, and I can hear peacocks squawking in the distance. It feels like the world had slept over its problems and now it’s awakening with new hope. At moments like these, I feel I can deal with the problems in my life. Like the world is too beautiful to fret over them. Like you’re happy you are where you are and what you are.
Sigh, it’s one of the most beautiful moments of my life  :’)


  1. i totally totally agree to it...jst came bck frm TAJ MAHAL..nd in d mrng it seems so blissful nd serene. U nd I jst had a beautiful start of d day...although i'm gonna sleep 4 whole day nw :P

  2. Add to all this a bit of rain too...n some onion pakoddas with tea as a midnight snack!

    - Manu

    P.S/- Needless to say, yet again a nice read.

  3. Gagan ma'am, WOW! I'd LOVE to see the Taj Mahal at the break of dawn! And even I slept for the entire day! Holidays are fun! :D

    Manu, I automatically start fantasizing about pakoras and tea when it's raining. the combination is life at its best :)

    Thanks doo :)


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