Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Tree

I love the typical homely smell that welcomes me when I come home after a stay out of town. I love using my old mint facewash that leaves a cool sensation on my face after I use it. I love it when mom lays out clothes on my bed and they smell of fresh fragranced detergent. I love to see the potted plants happy and green blossoming with pink and purple flowers in my verandah upstairs. I love giving warm cuddly hugs to mom and dad. I love to see my grandparents smiling and firing a thousand questions at me (at the same time). I love how huge my PC screen looks suddenly. I love my Activa, which I can use whenever I want to and ride it wherever I want to. I even love that ridiculous ‘hip hop’ poster in my bro’s room. I love that one, pestering, relentless mouse that seems to have a strange relationship with my house and has vowed to keep returning again and again no matter how many times he’s thrown out. I love the smell of soft, homemade rotis, inflated, and right off the pan. I love being jumped on and licked endlessly by Shirley (and also, almost getting my saliva-laden clothes torn off and arms scratched and bruised in the process)

I love my room, my terrace, my colony, the gulmohar trees and even the after-rain-broken-at-places-roads. I’m happy. Even though it’s painful to think of the coming few months. College. Assignments. Tests. Exams. THIRD year of Graduation. It wasn’t easy to bid goodbye to Baroda. That place has been so wonderful to me. I think it will continue to be one of my most favourite places for a long, long time. No, scratch that. It will be one of my most favourite places forever. Such fun, such freedom, such amazing moments, such pure, unadulterated, sheer joy bubbling and bursting at the seams. I want to capture them all, freeze them in time, and replay them over and over and over again. I still can’t stop recollecting all those crazy wonderful things I did there. I call it climbing my happy tree!

Life has held my hand in the most tender way possible, and its leading me on. And I’m too glad to follow. I know I’m back home and I won’t be allowed to do whatever I want to do, but I’m happy. I’m back to the place where the electricity will keep spacing in and out, but I’m happy. I know the dreamy, amazing fairytale phase is over, and I’m back to my hot, dusty, little town; but sitting here with Shirley’s warm fur resting on my knees, looking at the light drizzle outside and feeling the familiar white cold floor below me, I truly am, in just one simple, plain, but tremendously significant word: Happy! :D

P.S. On a completely different note, do you like anime? I think it's beautiful! :)


  1. I really loved this post!
    Keep climbing your Happy Tree! :D

    ( Puja Roy Choudhury ) :P

  2. Great ... for once you are happy! :)
    Climb higher!!!!!

  3. It is so heartening to see you experiencing joy in the little things, and one can only wish to be a part of it. Speaking of which, is your Tree Happy enough to accommodate one more? :)

  4. PRC, why are you posting anonymously when you're revealing your full name anyway? :P
    Thanks btw! :D

    Di, for once?! for ONCE?! FOR ONCE?!

    Chee, I've already made space next to me on the branch I'm sitting. And oh wait, we've a tree house as well :)


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