Friday, September 16, 2011

When I think of Bombay..

When I think of Bombay I think of the never ending flyovers and the palm trees.
I think of the million CCDs specked everywhere.
I think of the humidity.
I think of the local trains, vada pav and bhel.
I think of the beaches, the malls and the big buildings.
I think of Rangeela and Essel World.
I think of Gothic Victorian architecture and cobbled streets.

When I think of Bombay I think of bumping into celebrities, great looking people and the film industry.
I think of Candies. 
I think of Chowpatty and the Taj.
I think of wet sand between my toes.
I think of rains. 
I think of sitting at Marine drive at 3 AM, with the breeze blowing my deep, poetic thoughts into the air, somewhere far far away on the noisy wings of nonsensical talks and sniggers.
I think of poor sweet scary doo, throwing me her protective and head-shaking smiles.
I think of loud music, a dingy place, raucous laughter, drinks with a crazy bunch of friends.
I think of screaming and dancing without a care in the world.
I think of holding hands and street shopping.
I think of homely, loving parents and a home cooked meal with love.

When I think of Bombay I think of balancing on moss covered rocks and the waves crashing and roaring against them.
I think of the warm gleaming sun in the cloudy sky and the feel of the water spray on my face.
I think of the powerful, cool breeze blowing my hair wild and the feel of the intermittent waves lapping at my feet.
I think of the scores of invisible people running about, making out or just walking and I think of holding the hand of that one person who really mattered that moment.
The boy with the infectious smile who looks like a little child when he talks about something excitedly, with a gleam in his eyes.

When I think of Bombay I think of the train ride and the conversation that flowed.
When I think of Bombay I think of friends.
I think of fun, and joy, and laughter and craziness backed by a dosage of unbelievable awesomeness.
When I think of Bombay, I think of dreams.
When I think of Bombay, I think of love.
When I think of Bombay..
I think of him.


  1. Bombay sounds even more beautiful to me now :) stay blessed :D

  2. hawww ... if it werent for me this trip wud not have been possible!!!!! i planned it out for you!! no mention ... :(((((

  3. Thank you Gagan ma'am! :D

    Doo, uhm, I think you need to read it AGAIN. Carefully :P

  4. Yes, Bombay is awesome :D

    Are these just thoughts, or references to the real experience in the city too?

    Marine Drive at 3am,


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