Thursday, September 22, 2011

I feel..

Like an a corrugated iron nail in the ocean
Like the wax sliding down a candle
Like a fish thrown on the shore by the vindictive waves
Like a lonely stranger walking alone on a cold winter night

Like the smoke that blows away into eternal nothingness
Like a sad song that reverberates into oblivion
Like lies and contempt that has no meaning
Like a soft whisper that is heard, and then is lost again

Like a lonesome tear flowing from a brown eye
Like a discarded photograph, faded with time
Like a beautiful dream, erased from your consciousness
Like a forgotten memory, that is not forgotten after all

Like an old, torn out yellow-papered book
Like a broken autumn twig on the ground
Like a paper boat that lost its way, soggy and adrift
Like a soft caress, that is felt briefly, and then never felt again..


  1. Like a huge fire burning my life! ;)

    LOved it!!! <3

  2. You should have written this in the 70s...some of the classic rock bands of the time (which are still my favourite) would have surely taken your lyrics for one of their songs!


  3. "Like the wax sliding down a candle" ... :)

    I dunno what to say!! u have written it so welllll!!!

  4. Thanks Swati and Smriti! :D

    Manu, I'll gladly take that as a compliment! Thank you! :D

  5. loved the third para, cant say much, reading it made me nostalgic and surely left me emotional.

  6. And here come the winds of change,
    Sweeping the roads of dried autumn-yellow leaves,
    Paving the way for more to fall,

    They don't.
    For, these are the winds of change.

    Eagerly waiting for more of you :)

  7. WOW. You write SO well pee :) I'm eagerly waiting for more of YOU!

    What you wrote reminded me of the song 'Wind of change' by The Scorpions:

    "The future's in the air,
    I can feel it everywhere,
    Blowing with the wind of change."

    Colon phi :)

  8. Very nice lines ... but chinkooo why do u have to write such sadsie words ... write similar words which make u feel ... this world is beautiful!! :)

  9. Di, I DO write about things that make me feel that the world is beautiful. But I feel that all human emotions are important. Grief is very beautiful sometimes. It makes you feel the way you do when you're happy :)


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