Saturday, October 8, 2011


People of the world! How are we today? Wait, before you answer, let me tell you how I am today! I am AWESOME! :D

I’m sitting in my hotel room in KL and I cannot believe I’m here and the things that I’ve done in the past three days. I’m in love with this city. It’s clean, green, non-dusty, the people are friendly, the buildings make your caps fall off your heads, the roads are smooth and everything is well managed and systematic. Genting Highlands was one crazy adventure. Experienced high-pitched-scream-generating and thrilling roller coaster rides. It’s set up on top of a hill and it’s splendidly beautiful. Everything is just beautiful about that place. We also visited a chocolate factory export surplus shop and drooled over huge dragons made of dark chocolate, saw the Petronas towers, walked around the local areas and bought awesome tiny things, sat in Asia's longest cable car overlooking rich, green tropical rain forests accompanied by amazing weather and lived in luxurious hotels! And it's not even over yet!!

Today was Sunway Lagoon. These places are HUGE. One day is never enough to experience everything.  Dad and I tried out reverse bunjee jumping today. You’re shot into the air at a speed of 200km per hour like a bullet and then you come down, and go up again and come down again. Your entire world goes topsy turvy upside down. It’s exhilarating and feels out of the world! I screamed till my lungs were sore. It was amazing. I could do that again! The water park was a lot of fun and dad was being such a sport. He accompanied me on all the crazy, scary, snaky water slides! I love him!

We have been walking nonstop since morning and my legs feel like they will get detached from my body! Tomorrow we’re doing Singapore and we’ve to get up early! I cannot write a detailed post, even though I really really want to! I’m just out of the world amazed and excited and exuberant at what the world can offer!

I just looked out of my window. The city looks awesome. Sigh. I wish to live in a place like this.

Some day. One day!


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  2. Grreat that u are having good fun! I wanna experience reverse bungee tooo :) it must have been awesome

  3. erm...did you eat anything interesting yet? :)

  4. Doo, it blew my mind. They made a video also. I'll show you. I'm screaming like a mad person! :P

    En, that's the sad part. I'm a vegetarian!! :-\
    Erm, but we got some good veg food in the hotels we stayed at. And the fruits here are amazingly delicious!

  5. Reading this actually makes me remember my family trip to Singapore n KL :) n brought back some amazing memories! Been long, went there in 2001, 10 years have passed since!

    We too went to Sunway Lagoon...the thing I remember most about it is the suspension bridge, which at the time was the longest in the world they claimed back then.

  6. P.S/- Talking about Reverse Bungee Jumping, I would be doing the 'normal' Bungee Jumping later this month...n cant wait :D am sure you know about this plan!

  7. you deserve all the fun!!!! Enjoy:X::X

  8. sounds like you're having the time of your life and then some :) enjoy!!!!!

  9. Manu, it has changed a LOT in the past ten years. You should go there again! And yes, the bridge. They do bungee jumping from that bridge now. The normal one :P
    And don't talk about your next month plan! I'm pea green with envy!

    Hey Priya di, thank you! Good to see you here! :D

    El, totally! and thanks! :)

  10. yes, i really should go there again. really want to. hopefully destiny will take me there sooner rather than later :D

    about the plan next month, who told you to be busy then n miss the fun we are gonna have! your bad luck :P


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