Monday, October 3, 2011

Off to a land far far away!

Some days turn out to be hilarious. But some days begin in the most comical way possible. My mom came to wake me up in the morning and the general custom is that she shakes me and pokes me and I cover myself up and mumble things like “Go away”, or “5 more minutes” or something to that effect. But would you believe my mom’s bewilderment when she shook me today and I looked at her and burst out laughing. Hysterically! In a half-sleepy state. Mouth open and eyes half-closed. She stood there befuddled and asked me if I was okay. I then realized I had been laughing in my dream, and uncannily, I was laughing at her! I’ve been guffawing at that incident all day. Crazy! :P

Anyway, guess what?  I’m excited. That doesn’t even remotely describe just how excited I am. I’ve been packing! And planning and dreaming! Why?

Okay, here it comes. *clears throat* I’m going on an amazing family trip to Malaysia and Singapore! :D :D

I can already feel the anticipation rushing through my veins as I type this! OMG, how did this happen? Here I was, not too long ago, longing for a break, longing to go somewhere, do something exciting and now I’m flying 5000 miles away and going to live in a different time zone! And going to amazing water parks and night safaris and water shows and rides and what not! And on the way back we’re going to stay at Chennai and the Andaman Islands as well! In your FACE, monotony, in your face!  Talk about a good trip, huh? Okay I don’t want to gloat or anything, but I’M REALLY REALLY EXCITED!! :D

All day I’ve been googling all the places we’re going to and have just been going *gasp* ‘wow!’ *gasp*’wow’! I’ve all intentions of sitting on every roller coaster ride I can and eat every new delicacy I can and scream at anything awesome I see and jump and prance on the streets and click crazy pictures and wear short clothes and smile at strangers and just have the time of my life! I’m going to break my going-to-a-different-country virginity!
The best part is that I’m also going to get a lot of alone time to spend with myself. I want to sit on a beach, listening to music, having a Pina Colada or watermelon juice, with my pen scribbling away in my diary. That’s the stuff!

I can’t believe I’m going to be incommunicado to the world for more than a week. That’ll be a first! But I’m also looking forward to it. To this complete detachment from my world. Although I’m going to miss a few people really bad and I wish they were going with me. Or that at least I could teleport my messages to them somehow. Anyway, I’m going to return on October 14 and I’m going to fill you up with the details of my trip!

Till then guys, stay awesome! And miss me! Wouldja? Couldja?  :D

P.S. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *pauses to breathe* eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D


  1. I WILL miss you :D and I SO want to break my -going-to-a-different-city virginity too!

  2. Go Astha Go....have the time of ur life..n miss me too! :(

  3. Have a Wonderful Time !

  4. Em! You WILL? Yaayyyy! *doing the hula*

    Thank you Chetnaaaaa! I'll meeeeech youuu! :*

  5. Whoa! Enjoy the trip! Bon voyage.

    In Malaysia, just Kuala Lumpur, or other places too (like Langakawi, etc.).

    Looking forward to seeing pics n hearing from you about the places you would go to.

    P.S/- Wont miss your presence online at all :P

  6. N this is some medley you are playing with 'some' people mainly with regard to Singapore ;) ?

  7. yeay yeay have a lot of fun!!!!!!! next time do include me in your family trip :)

  8. Thansk Manu! I'm having a blast here! :D
    Yes, you know about the 'people!' :P

    Thanks doo! Next time you HAVE to join us!!


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