Friday, November 4, 2011

The Gift

I'm spurting. Big time. A few days back I got a courier. From Flipkart. A book! Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.


Chee of course! Of all the Apple fans I know, he is one person who genuinely and honestly idolizes Steve Jobs. I've never seen anyone whose a bigger fan of anything or anyone. I really respect that.

Anyway, so there I was, having a perfectly normal day, ptch-ing around because there wasn't anything much to do, when BAM! There it was. Out of the blue. A blue package, with the nicest message written on a piece of paper. (Oh and the book was covered in very pop-able bubble wrap!) I would tell you what my reaction was but I don't know if I will be able to explain. It was a cross between crying, squealing, laughing and shaking.

That's my Chee. He does the nicest of things. And the best part is, he never needs a reason to do anything.
It's just him.

Omg I'm spurting all over again now. Chee, thank you for existing!

"Because Steve is, and forever will be, etched in our hearts."


  1. OooOoooOoooh flowers, and now books, rrrrrromantic Cheeeeeee! :D

    < pokes him, and teases > :P

    Naaaaice, btw, Astha! ;)

    Prefers to be anonymous. :P

  2. *giggles stupidly*
    *this reminds her of a poem she will probably send to you very soon...if you can correctly guess who she is*
    muchly luck :P

  3. pop-able bubble wrap! hehe
    Hope you enjoy the book .... lemme know how it was!

  4. Anonymous 1, yes yes he is! thanks (I think I know who you are!) :P

    Anonymous 2, thanks!
    (I definitely know who you are! And I would've known even if you hadn't added that last teeny bit!) So I want that poem now! :P

    Doo, I know I will! You can read it after I do :)

  5. yes, he is a crazy steve jobs fan n should be considered an apple evangelist!


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