Saturday, November 12, 2011


Please fly.
Tonight, just for tonight.

A mistake.
Words that were not meant to be spoken
Flew away amidst the careless jokes
Carried away on the wispy winds of a winter night
Suddenly fell upon me like a glacier
The words that left me
Sleepless, shocked, in a state of disbelief.

Is it true?
I cannot help but shiver
At the enormity of the gesture
I cannot help but get lumps in my throat
At the thought, the effort, the love.

How am I supposed to sleep?
How am I supposed to react?
How am I supposed to survive the entire night?
I cannot feel my legs.
I cannot feel myself breathing.
The salty tears are the only silent spectators
The soft music the only company.

For once, please fly.
Just for tonight.
I cannot wait for the moon to go away,
For the sun rays to shine upon me.
I cannot wait
For the morning to come.
I cannot wait for the moment.

For once, would you please listen?

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