Monday, November 14, 2011

In Rainbows

Missed classes, skipped assignments,
Messed up dates, forgotten tests.
Medication, notes, phone calls, pending tasks, unfinished meals.
Misunderstanding, misconstruction, misconduct, misfortune.
Loud noises, bumpy roads, painful memories, angry parents.
Game theory, industrial laws, business strategies, research designs.

Everything settles lazily, dismally in the background.
The hazy, crazy, unclear, uncertain, cluttered, spinning background.

The one true thing that stands out,
Is the emotion which you cannot even remotely come close to describing
The rush in your heart, the hurricanes inside your body, the stoppage of time.
The moisture in the eyes, the beating of the heart, the languorous smiles.
The feeling of forgetting everything else in the entire world in the bliss of that one moment.

The breath, the smell, the heavy sighs, the soft touch, the surge, the hidden tears, the lazy, contended elation.
The gush; more powerful than anything you could ever experience in a lifetime.

The feeling of losing yourself,
The feeling of finding yourself.
Of sinking,
Of floating,
Of drowning,
Of flying,
Of dying,
Of living,
Of reaching the peak of a mountain,
Of falling inside an infinite abyss,
The feeling of the absence of every other emotion other than what you are experiencing.

The feeling of being safe.
Feeling at home, at ease, at rest, at your best.
When it's your own world.
Your own unreal, surreal, dreamy, magical stupor.
The void when you’re not together, 
The gnawing pain inside your chest, the severe feeling of being deficient.
Of fear, of longing, of separation, of desperation.

The feeling of knowing that while you have this, you may never ever have to worry about the background.
The hazy, crazy, unclear, uncertain, cluttered, spinning background.


  1. never worry about the background
    you adorable chicken :D
    I obviously have a new favorite post now



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