Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chee's morning text

"Squeaky ball bouncy ball bounces off the ledge,
I catch the squeaky ball and hug it against my chest :*"

I just HAD to write it somewhere and preserve it forever. Texts like these are the reason why I smile while solving statistical problems during exams.

I still can't believe he's a human being.


  1. Aww :) this is indeed a very smile-inducing text!

  2. Yes! :D
    It is. You see, it's like I'm the bouncy ball because I'm always hopping around. And squeaky because, well because I'm squeaky.
    I can't get enough of this little poem!

  3. He is SO cute! God he is so cute! *squealing*

  4. Aww aww aww! :) *inexplicable warm fuzzy feelings, warm fuzzy feelings*

  5. You're the squeakiest thing ever and you squeak and bounce and hop like there's no tomorrow.

  6. Em, I know right?! I just don't get how!

    Karishma, *even more inexplicable warm fuzzy feelings!*

    Chee, wee wee wee! :D
    *hopping around in little circles*


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