Saturday, December 24, 2011

In the End..

One moment you’re here, one moment you’re not.
One moment you’re a living being, with your own set of problems, qualms, insecurities, qualities and fears, 
And one moment you’re just a pair of defunct organs wrapped inside cold, pale flesh trying its best to start decaying and turn into something inhumane.
Your entire life, which you built around you, formed and nurtured relationships, painstakingly accomplished your goals, suffered losses, shared happy moments and sad, went through joy, pain, love, laughter, arguments comes to nought.
As if there was no point at all.

One moment you’re talking, breathing, feeling, living and the next moment you’re lying on the floor, your lips gray and body soulless, oblivious, unaware, and inaccessible. Can you feel, then, the soft touch of the trembling hand stroking your forehead? Can you hear the murmurs of prayers around you? Can you feel the silent tears sliding down the weary cheeks of the people you loved? Could you hear her asking you to come back? Were you weeping with her, looking at her, from somewhere far off? Helpless and alone?

How can you just.. stop functioning? Just like that? As if you were nothing but a piece of machinery that cannot work anymore. What happens to you after you’re gone? Become an object that has to turn into nothingness? Your entire existence comes to an abrupt halt, and..and that’s it? And after you’re gone, are you still there somehow? Do you still linger? Do you still exist somewhere?

Or is there nothing else left except for old photos and memories? Nothing else but the thought of your face in its final moment, the peace and serenity on it, the way you were carried and flowers adorned the white cloth you wore. Did it matter, then, whatever you did in your lifetime? The things you achieved or the people you loved or lost? Or the lives you touched or the lives that will never be the same without you?

In the end, it all comes down to one thing. We all are born, we all have to live and we all have to die. We all have to become what we used to be: nothing. We all have to mingle with the earth and become nothing more than an added ingredient in its topsoil. Or is there something more to that? Maybe it is not the end; maybe it never is. 


  1. whenever I read someone pondering over death, I always always wonder what made's more on my mind than what they've written.

  2. No answers! no one knows except if we want to believe what the religions preach ...

  3. My favourite conversation about death in the movies is the one in The Hours where the little girl asks Virginia Woolf what happens when we die. Where do we go? she questions her aunt. Woolf shrugs and replies, "We go back to the place we came from."

    In conclusion, it makes as much sense to mourn a life that ended as it does to mourn one that didn't exist at all.

    But you know what the good bit is? Death has its limits, life has absolutely none. :)

  4. All you're reduced to is nothingness. It's a scary feeling yet a liberating one.

  5. En, when you see it happen to someone who was close to you, that's when you start pondering about it, most of the times.

    Karishma, I haven't seen the movie but what she said makes sense :)
    Even I think cherishing the good things about a person who is gone is better than crying about their departure.

    Chee, exactly. I don't exactly know how I feel about it actually.

    AcetylCholine, thank you.

  6. beautiful post!!! still absorbing the words.....and pondering on these unanswered questions.......

  7. Thank you. I just started writing and the words just spilled out.


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