Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Keep on the sunny side of life :)

"There's a dark and troubled side of life,
There's a bright and a sunny side too.
Though you meet with the darkness and strife,
The sunny side you may also view"
-The Whites

I'm tucked cozily in my bed, listening to O Brother Where Art Thou's soundtrack and feeling really good. It's songs remind me of the Christmas carols we used to sing in school. Sniff :') It's late and it took a lot of restraint on my part to stop reading an extremely intriguing book which I'm going to talk about here once I finish reading it. I got a call from a good college for a course in Mass Communication and I'm extremely jittery but excited about the GD and PI. I feel like this is the first time I'm actually doing something which will facilitate the process of me getting out of this city. Am I, gulp, growing up? :O I should not be complacent about this. I need to prepare well. Fingers, toes and body crossed! Wish me luck!

I love it when I receive a comment or I get a new follower, because it makes me feel that what I write has somehow moved a person at least a teeny tiny bit. And that teeny tiny bit is enough to keep me motivated to write more. And I will. I've grown to love blogging over the years. I started my first blog when I was 14 and there were many spirited discussions and sharing of opinions there. It got deleted somehow (don't even ask how. It was so unbelievably stupid) and the writer in me died a little. But someone revived the zest in me to write again and I've realized how much I love it.
I love having my own little modest corner in this vast virtual Web :)
Thank you readers, I'm feeling an overwhelming sense of love for you all. Please shower me with more love? Smother me with incessant affection! :D

I was thinking, when you have these I'm-so-happy-nothing-can-bring-me-down moments, what exactly is happening in that tricky little brain of yours? Is it because of hormones? A feeling of achievement? (be it because of even small things like making someone feel special or doing an assignment on time) Is it because of music? Good memories? What exactly happifies you so strongly? Is it because of a meaningful, satisfying conversation? Same goes for when you're feeling utterly low and downtrodden and like the entire world is against you and you just want to die? I really don't get it.

Well, whatever the reason may be, I'm feeling blissfully happy to be alive right now. Even though there are a hundred things I want to correct about myself and there is a truckload of pending work, I feel like I'll survive. Something will work out in the end. I guess what you should focus on is holding on to these moments, climb your happy trees, share a laugh or two and spread it even further. Even a simple smile or a warm hug can completely change a person's mood or make someone's day. True story. Tried, tested and experienced. Spread the cheer because you never know who might be having a completely dull day. Sigh, life is funny. But it's worth living :)

P.S. I'd like to share a picture of me my brother clicked on his phone in the train when I was returning from Delhi to Agra on the first day of the year. I love train rides and train ride pictures. They have this whole eager, excited aura about them. It represents a journey, a change, eagerness to meet loved ones, excitement at the prospect of going to a different place. I love looking out the window, contemplating, thinking, listening to music, (reminds me of Porcupine Tree's 'Trains') soaking in the breeze and smells of different places and then slowly drifting off. Now, how many of you are reminded of Stevenson's From a Railway Carriage? :)


  1. wow, how come you seemed so positive n spirited while writing this without even going close to mentioning the weather, rain, winter morning chill, etc. :P ? kidding, lol.

    P.S/- good luck for the GD/PI! i'm sure you'll breeze thru

  2. I've been humming the song all day after reading the post. I'm glad you have a happy-switch. It's even better if you know to control it :)

    P.S. The happy-hormone is serotonin. And yes, it's responsible for your blissful joy.

  3. Manu, LOL! I'm surprised myself that the rain/weather/Radiohead wasn't responsible for my good mood! :P and thank you! :D

    Chee, oh, I'm glad I made you hum! :D But no, I have no control on my mood whatsoever :\ Wish I did. Although there are a few people who always help me bounce back up whenever I'm down and out :D

    Phatichar (what kind of a blog name is that? :P)
    thank you! :)

    1. I know it doesn't evoke a very pleasant picture. Used to be my favorite serial from the yore (pankaj kapur's).

  4. There's few things more heady than the realisation of having reached out across space with your mind - which is what a blog lets one do so well - and connecting with someone. If only for a few minutes a day. It's an incredible sensation and I'm so glad you started up a new blog and I found it! :D

    That is a very lovely photograph. It makes you look curious and expectant and excited! I love train journeys myself. Really inspire excellent writing and make for great photo opportunities! :D

    And my best friend is a Mass Comm grad! :) Good luck to you!

  5. Karishmaaaaaaaa! I love you for the comment! :D
    I'm so glad I found your blog too! I DO connect with it! Never stop writing :D
    About the photograph, thank you! :D Yeah train rides are like totally my thing :D I have a lot of good memories attached to them too.
    Thanks for the luck! Need it! :O :)

  6. That ^ is a lovely picture of you :) :)
    And somedays you just feel happy for the reason of you are who you are....Cheers to happiness. :D

  7. Tangerine (btw, your blog title reminds me of the Beatles :D) Thaaaank you! :D Cheeeersss!!


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