Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A healthy dose of happiness enclosed within a manila envelope :)

Frankly speaking, I’m not very big on Valentine’s day. I feel that it’s become too.. forceful. I mean, sure, it’s a day to express your “lourve” and all; but why do you need to constrict it to just one day? Why only 14th of Feb to celebrate love? It has become more of a compulsion than a joy. Couples know that they must give each other red roses, and boxes of chocolates or mushy cards or jewellery to prove that they love each other. I was that girl once :\

But they have commercialized it so much and have overhyped it to the extent that it does not excite me anymore. It’s overrated. So this year, I just thought of it as just another day and did not give it much thought. I should have.

Yesterday I received one of the best surprises I’ve received in a lifetime. I was out when my bro texted me “You have a courier”. The whole time while coming back I was dying with excitement. I’d guessed who it was from. Yep, you guessed it too :) Cheeeeeeeeeee! There I saw it. A faded light blue envelope with my name and address neatly sprawled across it in block letters.

The contents rendered me speechless. One, I was not expecting him to make anything for me. Make as in, get paper, print pictures, cut them, stick them on the paper, and write messages with a blue sketch pen. Two, he made a scrapbook where he pasted a lot of his pictures and put it creatively into a story form and tied it all up with a red ribbon. It was amazing. I don’t remember anyone ever taking so much of trouble to make me anything. It blew my socks off.

Oh!! He also got me Spongebob squarepants erasers! I LOVE Spongebob! And he also wrote a little letter where he mentioned that a 6 year old could have done a better job. Awwww! I’ve been jumping around like a pony on crack all day!

I gave a kickass presentation today, I talked to one of my teachers openly and candidly about something which was eating me for days, and I didn’t even think much about a nightmare that I had last night. I feel awesome. My fingers feel so alive, clickity clacking away on this keyboard. I love the sound that it’s making. I love that I'm on a passionate banana-eating spree and at least assuming that I should have gained a couple of kilos. I love the way I tied my pony today. Hair back with two pins to hold them together. I think I’m looking very cute. And I went into sporadic, uncontainable paroxysms of laughter over a silly thing which now does not sound funny at all. Such are the ramifications of an awesome Valentine’s day unexpected surprise.
I’m so glad I’m a human being and I got to feel this emotion. It’s priceless!

Gotta love Valentine’s day now, eh?

Happy Valentine’s day people! Spread the louuuuuuurrve! :D


  1. beautiful...cute post as always!!! love your positivity!!!

  2. That's such an AWESOME post :)!! Your louuuuuurve is contagious.I feel hapyy too now :)!! I shared a similar V-day yesterday; only difference I made my Valentine a lovely video he called "priceless" :)I was in 7th heaven yesterday :)!!

    Gee,Cheers to all our happiness :)!!

  3. Aww! That is SUCH a wonderful Valentine's Day gift to give to someone you love! :) You're very lucky! ;) I just got a massive box of assorted Leonidas chocolates but eh, I'm not complaining! :D

    And as for constricting all the celebrations to just one day thing, I completely agree. Can you believe there's like a Hug Day and a Flirt Day and a Chocolates Day in February, too? I mean, whoever thought of just one day to do all the hugging and flirting and chocolate-eating in the world! ;)

  4. Priya di, thank you!! :D

    Jen, New follower! Yay! :D Thank you! Videos are one of the best things to make for each other. You can personalize them, add your favourite songs and messages! I can imagine why he must have called it priceless! :D Cheers!

  5. Karishma, I know I am, right? It IS wonderful! :)
    A big box of chocolates comes very close to this! Enjoy!! :D
    Not only Hug day, Flirt day and Chocolates day.. there is a Rose day, a Kiss day, a Teddy bear day, even a Slap day! Talk about being insane :\

  6. Well, we can gift each other books and chocolates, or even have the sinful delight of sharing a chocolate cake for no rhyme or reason. But one can use days like these as stimulus to try to do something truly special for the special one :)
    It would make you feel so much better, even make me feel so much better, and in general make the world a slightly happier place to live in. No?

  7. The world has already become a beautiful place Peepee. You needn't do anything at all. And yet you do :)

    P.S. I really like the idea of receiving books, chocolates and cakes for no rhyme or reason :D

  8. awww..that is the nicest thing a guy could do!


  9. Haha, yeah I know! :D Thanks Sayantani!


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