Friday, February 17, 2012

How is your life today?

Beautiful people of the world! :D

Guess what happened today? I received my first ever Blog award! It’s given to me by Jen, a recent follower and a fellow blogger! I’ve read only a few of your posts Jen, but I loved them! :) Thank you! You’re a peach! :D

The timing couldn’t have been better! This is my 100th post! Weeeeeeeeee! Bloggie hits a century!! I can’t believe it! Have I really written a hundred blog posts? Seems huge! I love blogging so much I’m almost addicted to it now. I’m not complaining! Sniff :’) It’s a big moment for me and my blog. Two great things happened on the same day!

I.. I would like to thank my mom, dad, sister, teachers, friends, fellow bloggers MYSELF! Muhaahahahahaa! 

Anyway, the rules of receiving an award are:
  • Link back to the person who gave you the award.       
  • Pick 5 people deserving of the award and notify them on their blogs.      
  • Post the award on your blog and spread the love.

And the five people I’m going to pick who deserve this award are:

1.      Em and En dying to say (Because she was one of my first few followers and I love and adore her blog with all my heart. Also, because I got to know her and meet her through her blog)
2.       Why is everything four? by Karishma (Because she’s currently my favourite new blogger. She’s a beautiful, beautiful writer and somewhere I feel like she’s the kind of girl I would fall for if she was a guy. Right, enjoy the ego boost! :P)
3.      InsomniaStrikes by PurpleMist (Because I love the colour and because she reminds me of myself in a lot of ways)
4.     Muse-ment  by Tangerine (Because her blog is fun and vibrant and just the right amount of cool)
5.    Living is a one-way street! by Sakshi (Because she’s my sishtooo! And because she writes so well. And because her blog needs to be updated! Please do NOT delete it!)

Phew, there! I feel so good spreading all this lourrve :D

I’ve realized that you constantly have to push yourself to happiness. There is so much to life. You cannot stay unhappy. You can’t.

And when you start going down that way, remember this “If you want to be happy, be." – Leo Tolstoy. Isn’t it amazing? Doesn’t it put a smile to your face instantly? :)

And if even this doesn’t help, go and listen to this! I've been singing it all day (And boy, I sound good :P)
I dare you to be upset after this.

And if you're still upset, go see a shrink wouldja?!

P.S. Thank you again Jen! :D
*I received an awaaaaaaaard*
 *doing the hula* :D


  1. arrey wah!

    100 posts, that is SOMETHING, such patience you have, you surely love blogging! :D

    and btw this is a subtle reminder that in future if your fan-page ever hits a 1000 facebook fans, you know whom you've to thank. :P

  2. and you just reminded me how amazing that song is! was completed addicted to it! :D

    *listens to it in continuous-loop mode*

  3. Thankyou so much!!!
    I feel great, and extatic, being chosen and all.
    I will give you a big bear hug on this one :) :)

  4. Varun, yes!! 100 posts, can ya believe it? :D
    I doubt that I'll ever have 1000 fans, but if I do, you're getting a treat! Thank you! :D I love the song too. It's beautifully serene :)

    Tangerine, bear hug back!! You deserved it girl! :D

  5. I'm just two posts away! Need your blessings,girl!:P
    Got your link from Tangerine. Glad I found you. I could use someone cheerful and vibrant to balance the negativity of my blog.

  6. Soumi, wow, we've written almost the same number of posts then :)
    I'm glad I found you too. I think I'm already following you :)
    And although lately I've been writing happy posts, sometimes I too fall into the inevitable abyss of depression :P
    Anyway, thank you :D

  7. congrats Astha for your first award and on your 100th post! ☺

  8. I know how the feeling is when you spread the love sorry,louurve!!:)It's a proud moment.Immerse yourself in it :)!!

  9. Congrats on your 100th post! What perfect timing :D

    And thanks so much for the award :D

  10. Congratulations on your 100th post, and of course your award! :) i received my first award too, thanks to Jen :) i'm yet to post about it.

    anyway, id love it if you visited my blog too. maybe we could follow each other? :)

  11. Astha! This is super-awesome! You absolutely deserve the award! :) And thank you for passing it along. :) Especially with such an awesome awards speech.

    Oh, and can I just take this opportunity to say too many girls have said this to me man! I've actually reached the point where I think the powers-that-be have done me a great injustice by deciding I should be female. If I was a guy, I'd have this long line of awesome girls outside my house! Damn! So close! :D

  12. Thank you Albert!

    Yes, Jen! It's wonderful! :)

  13. PurpleMist, thank you!! And twas my pleasure! :)

    Diksha Sharma, thaaaank you!! Yes, I'd LOVE to read your blog and follow it too! Let's be bloggie pals! :) Yay!!

  14. Karishma, LOL! You're SO adorable, it's astounding! If there's anyone I wanted to give the award to the most, it was you! :D

    I can understand the feeling of the same sex telling you they would have asked you out only if you had testosterone running in your body instead of estrogen :P Not that I have experienced it myself, but I can imagine! Well, atleast you're getting some attention! Bask in the glory! :P

    Aaaaand, one more thing, can I have your email ID? And, are you there on Facebook? :D

  15. Congrats on the blog award! You have a lovely blog :)


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