Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wind of Change

So, it's happening :)
It's finally, actually happening. I'm going to Pune.
This is one of those moments when I don't even know if it's real or not. When it's so big that you've to keep questioning yourself "Is it really happening?" "Is it?" "Wait, really?" When it's so new and exciting and frightening that you don't quite believe it. It's like I can smell it in the air. The change. 

The first, real, big change. I'll live in a different city. I will live away from mom and dad, away from the house I grew up in, away from my family. I'm finally, breaking away :)
Am I? Really? See? Here I go again.

I wanted to wait before writing this post. There are over two months before I go there, (and I have to give a gazillion exams and pass them) but I can't help it. Like I said, I can smell it. And I can feel it. Almost like I can touch it. My fingertips are tingling. I can feel a yawning chasm slowly expanding inside my body. I'll bid farewell to the place where I spent 21 years of my life? Mummy? Papa? Baba and dadi? All my relatives? My friends? 

I'll live in a world where my friends will be my family. I'll live on a hill. I'll live with a roommate. I'll live in a different world. I'll have different sights and smells and people and places and moments and memories and incidents and experiences. There is a little chance that I might end up in Delhi. But I'll still live in a hostel :) I'll sail away from home, never to come back again. (Of course I'll come during the vacations. I just mean I'll be out for good) Am I really, really moving out? Of home? :O I'll live on my own? I'll wash my clothes and iron them? I'll withdraw money from the ATM and take care of it and learn to spend it wisely? :O 

I'm ready to face it. To experience a whole new universe and to write a whole new chapter in the book of life. Or am I? :O

I keep getting reminded of this song by the Scorpions.

"Take me to the magic of the moment,
On a glory night.
Where the children of tomorrow dream away,
In the wind of change."

And I can feel it. The wind of change, blowing straight into the face of time. 
And this time it’s blowing for me :’)


  1. You know, this post resonates with me ever so much! :) I'm on the verge of leaving home, too. And not for a year or five years but forever in all likelihood. So, the changes are really powerful for me.

    But I try to take it one day at a time. And the great thing is, I've always admired people who were able to travel and explore and become better people because they left the comforts of home.

    My schoolteacher once told us, "A ship is safest in its harbour but that's not where it's meant to stay."

    Also, there was that lovely quote from Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri which reminds one that one grows stronger only by uprooting oneself from old soil and the old ways and leading oneself to unaccustomed earth.

    Oh, I may be rambling on now. But the idea is, only something wonderful will come out of this.

    Good luck to you and hopefully, to me. And may the fates bring us together atleast once before casting us apart. :)

  2. So much growing up, in a single step. I had similar feelings when I was in school. Yeah, i still ended up in Delhi, because of my love for home...but then again growing up can happen in a single breath or in a lifetime...and don't worry, you will not really break away from home..

    I love the song. :)

  3. Congrats!!! Wish you all the best for a beautiful journey ahead!!

  4. Karishma, thank you so much! I know you can relate to this feeling because you're moving too. And you're moving OUT of the country man. Wonder what THAT feels like! It's really an exciting, nervous, bittersweet sort of a feeling.
    I really hope I learn a hundred new things and meet good people (like you) and grow as a person!

    Varun, thanks bud :)

  5. Tangerine, I know. It's a sudden change. And a BIG one. I don't even know how this happened. How I just gave an exam and an interview and now I'm on my way to a different part of the country!
    Thanks! I love the song too :)

  6. Priya di, thank you so much!
    Love you! :D

  7. Astha, I don't know why I keep repeating it but I'm gonna say it again. You're gonna become a big girl now, and make us proud. I'm so happy for you. I know you're going to make the most of the opportunities life has provided to you :)

    1. Thank you Pee :')
      I loved the way you said "you're gonna make US proud" :)
      I hope what you just said becomes true!

  8. What eez in Pune?
    Anyhoo, aren't you really really excited? A new life, a new beginning?
    I know you're really apprehensive about leaving your family, but aren't you all charged up about being able to call yourself an "independent woman" in the true sense? I'd give anything for that =D

    1. Hey Ruhani! I'm going to do my PG in Mass Communication from Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication :)
      I'm so totally psyched!
      I sure am apprehensive about leaving my family and hometown and being independent!
      You're going to experience that too, very soon! :)

  9. :D...I'm only looking at this now.And I hope you come to Delhi instead of going to Pune.

    1. :D
      I'll try coming to Delhi :) *hugs back*

  10. if nothing, you'll certainly learn to value home food a lot lot lot more now me, it'll be 7 years this summer since i had to start staying away from parents...n i can vouch for it!

    its gonna be exciting n a new but eye opening experience. it does have its share of troubles too, like possibly missing home at the start, having a few difficult choices to make, etc...but you'll do great. you are a smart girl.


    1. Hey Manu! Even I have a very strong feeling that I'm going to miss home and the food, and the love and care that we take so much for granted!
      And it's okay, I want to face all the troubles and learn to deal with them on my own. Thanks for calling me smart :D

  11. I love that Scorpion song! :D

    And you are going to do just awesome in hostel!! :)You'll miss your family and all ,oh but believe me,you are going to grow out of that "new" place smarter,level headed and WISER! :)

    Bla..I feel like an old granny already! :D :O

    All the very best Astha! :)

    Luv,hugs & prayers! <3

    1. Jen! You do? :D I'm so glad. I especially love the whistling in the beginning and at the end. And when they start singing "Take me.." :)
      Thank you for saying such nice things! I do hope you're right! :)

  12. Best wishes for the new journey you are set to embark! A very sweet post:)


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