Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rain down, on me.

(Hostel view)

I love this moment for what it is.
I love it that I’m all alone, and I love it that it has been raining since morning.
I love the colourful umbrellas hovering about our campus, which looks green and freshly bathed.
I love the leaping frogs mucking about and I love the puddles of water.
I love the muddy trails of footprints on tiled floors and I love the water droplets trickling down the umbrellas left on the sides to dry.
I love the thick, dense clouds as they float over your head; and I love the fog which makes its way inside my open window.
I love watching football matches in the rain, the thrill of your team winning and the noise of the people cheering.
I love standing against the window and feeling the spray of water against your face, shivering and hugging yourself tight.
I love hooded raincoats and wet feet.
I love hot water baths and steaming cups of coffee amidst the comfortable chatter of friends.
I love friendly grins and nods of acknowledgements.
I love having work to do and I love procrastinating.
I love always having people to chat with, I love walking out of my room and knowing there are hundreds of people I can go and talk to.
I love walking back to the hostel, and running fast because it starts to rain, and then giving up and getting completely drenched.
I love the wet hair and the sneezes that follow.
I love the constant sound of the raindrops.
I love the thoughts that accompany me on nights such as this one.
I love the serenity of this moment.
I love this moment for what it is.


  1. I Love your enthusiasm. Such a sharp contrast to all the negativity around.
    - Shirsha

  2. of course i love that too, and in addition that off-day due to heavy downpour : )


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