Sunday, July 29, 2012


It began with a hesitant message on Facebook,
A question about one of the most important steps I was going to take in my short but reasonably interesting life.
A reassuring reply later, began the extensive conversations about life, the universe and everything.
From absurd ideas about making movies (IJJAT), to exposing our ‘personalities’, to talking about sunsets.
From dreaming about rock concerts and trekking expeditions, to discussing Douglas Adams.
From little ideas to random khee-kheeing about,
You have been a constant guide, adviser and friend.
A friend I felt I had even before I joined SIMC.

And now two months later, I feel like I know you quite well,
But there is so much more to know.
I hope we have a million more of our crazy conversations, and I get to see your scary unsmiling face more often (which sometimes breaks into the cutest grin),
And I see you getting excited like a little girl about the things you love,
And I continue to bewilder you with my multi-polarity.

So I dedicate this blog post to you, and I'd like to take this opportunity, to ask you what you know I am going to ask. I think it is a good way to immortalize the Yule Ball kind of a thing we are indulging in. No?

So, Mr. Spanzy, wouldja? :) *batting eyelids* *smiling radiantly*

P.S. Is this ‘irresistible’ enough for you? :P


  1. If I said 'No', I'd be the biggest fool in the whole wide world. Words cannot express how this makes me feel, and of course, the answer is "YEEES!" :D

    PS: 'Irresistible' is an understatement... :P


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