Monday, September 3, 2012


Every face is beautiful. You just have to look close enough.

I sat in a group of 15 odd people in college during a meeting today, and looked at every face slowly. No face can ever, ever be ugly. There are the little things about them.  Stubby noses, long noses; curly hair, straight hair; big eyes, small eyes; pimples, smooth skin. The beauty lies more in the kind of expression they wear on their faces. I have been feeling continuous pangs of affection for all my friends. Such beautiful, beautiful people some of them are.

Sometimes I feel so fortunate it feels like a dream. It rained a lot today, and when I got out of my room to go to the mess and have dinner, a huge grin spread over my face. Yes. It was the same powerful gush of wind that blew my hair off my face, the familiar smell of roses, the puddles of water, tiny little chocolate frogs jumping all around me, green leaves, greener than the ones you’d have ever seen, and the familiar, smiling, welcoming faces of some of my closest friends. I literally walked through clouds today. They engulfed me as I walked towards the mess. As I held my umbrella tight. As I smiled at the laughter around me. As I looked at the moon shining down on me. Sometimes it becomes too overwhelming. Too breathtaking. And then you cannot help but just swallow that bubble rising from your chest and up your throat. That painful, lovely feeling you get when you look around you, and you grin like a hopeless baboon. You can’t help but fall in love.

If I could stop time, and expand it, limitlessly, I would. I simply cannot get over the sheer exquisiteness of this place. Life, you astound me. 


  1. How beautifully you have captured the essence of life and the lived experience. I was at that moment with you enjoying the breeze and the gentle rain.

    My heart is filled with joy after reading this post. Thanks for bringing a smile on my lips and heart.

    Joy always,

    1. Thank you Susan! :)
      I'm ecstatic that my post made you feel that way!

  2. I can't stop smiling at this post. :) It's just so you! :D

    And it's true - everyone has a lovely feature. And have you noticed how beauty is really very malleable? Changeable I mean. Someone you love becomes increasingly beautiful to your mind and someone you don't really care for becomes plainer. It's not an objective thing I've realized. :)

    It's so great to see you're so happy happy happy. I scarcely get time to come here any more. Which I feel terrible about. Just one more year to go! Any plans to come to Bombay yet? :)

    1. Karishmaaa! It's so good to receive your comment! :)
      Beauty is extremely subjective, and is hardly ever skin deep. If I do make plans to go to Bombay, I'll definitely let you know! Hope to catch up soon :)


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