Thursday, September 13, 2012


I miss a time long, long ago, and yet it feels like it was yesterday. I miss a world far, far away, and yet it seems like it’s right in front of me. Or is it? It is, right? Isn’t it?

I miss the negotiation of thoughts, I miss the careless flow of seemingly unimportant observations, I miss the natural flow of the unending chuckles, I miss the infinite pings and spurts.  I miss the flurry of emotions at a phone call, and peals of laughter after reading a text. I miss the sleepless nights and the restless days. I do not like the emotion running through me right now. I dislike the laughter in the hostel corridors; I hate the music wafting from the other room. I hate it when my eyes sting. I hate the gnawing gorge forming in my chest, and the hurtful stab in my gut. My days are breathless, a blurry array of countless activities. But the nights are hollow, throbbing with angst.

When you think you have nothing, it decides to give you everything. And when you finally realize you can have absolutely everything, it decides to take it all away from you. It takes some, it gives some. It gives all, and then takes it all away.

Well played, life. Well played. 


  1. Hey Astha, I felt a bit worried to read this post after so many beaming-with-happiness ones.
    I donno exactly wat makes u write this, but I hope everything will be fine soon.
    Your thoughts r a source of positivity to me. Whenever I feel low, I visit ur blog, read n reread sum of ur posts, n it recharges me.. they all remind me tht life is beautiful, n thr is lots of joy in things we consider trivial.
    I wish everything turns out to be bright n beautiful for u.. n I cn soon read another post frm u tht is again shimmering with joy.
    Take Care

    1. Thank you :) I'm doing better now! It's really heartening to know that you read my blog when you feel low :)
      You can sure expect cheerful posts in the future :)
      Lots of love!


  3. i can totally relate to this. often feel the same! what to do, your responsibilities n tensions only increase by the day n nothing will change it :( just like our age :D

    1. Sigh. Life is such :/
      Thanks for stopping by though :)


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