Sunday, October 7, 2012


It really sucks to know that you were always that warm, smiling girl who everyone was nice to. But not the girl who someone would grab and give a bear hug.
It sucks even more to know that a single unfortunate moment when you said something about a certain someone would change the course of things in such a colossal way.
Yes, I was always the girl who made everyone laugh, someone who everyone would like to listen to, but never the one who they would call at 3 in the night because they were lonely.
I was always at the centre, and yet I was the one who stood at the sides.
It sucks to know how all you ever really need is a shoulder. And yet sometimes, somehow it is not enough.

Is it really so impossible what I'm asking for? Is it really much?

In hindsight, is it even worth it?


  1. Well its good you are like that. Sometimes not being too close to people is the best way to have them around you always. too much closeness kills relationships :/

    1. Sigh. I guess you're right in a way :/

  2. I called you at 2 am once you know...and I've only met you once in person :)

    1. You did!
      Thanks for reminding me :)

  3. Like you said it,never mind whatever happened!!You know you have people now who got you and need you for a happy survival!!


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