Friday, October 26, 2012

We should meet again, you and I

Down the road, somewhere in another world
In a white wonderland, on a marble bench
Sliding dew drops on a glass window pane
In a parallel universe, on a cliff overlooking a valley
On a park swing, hearts fluttering in the chill of a foggy night
In a galaxy far, far away on an apartment terrace underneath the stars

We should meet again, you and I
There can always be another goodbye
Another world. Another dimension.

The smell of cheese hanging in the air
The whiff of nostalgia and the whispers so crisp
The taste and the sweet melancholia
Salty lips and sleepy eyes
Dreams and smiles and melodic verses

We should meet again, you and I
You can keep asking yourself and never know why

Console yourself
Negotiate with your heart
Shush your soul
The answers are scattered
Flown away with the wind

Hiding in the sea shells, and in the clouds, and between your fingers
In the autumn winds, in the hill tops, and in the cold rain drops

We should meet again, you and I
We should meet in the sky; we should float in the air
We should talk of endless love, and our lives and the universe,
We should meet again, you and I


  1. Hey!!That was nice!But who's the second person in 'We'??

    1. Thanks :)
      And you should know, of all people, Sachin.

  2. Amazing! It makes you hope to meet 'you' again! Oh it must have been a real nice memory that have been engraved into words to keep it alive in the mind!

    Reminds me of something similar i had written an year back about meeting someone again. But it was a completely different perspective. and the reunion wouldn't have been as pleasing as this one :/

    1. Thanks Ausdrucklos.
      Yes, they were beautiful memories, and engraved they will be.
      I'd like to read what you had written too :)

    2. Oh you can find the post here:

    3. I really liked it. Minimal, yet powerful!


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