Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dilli Diaries: Part I

There is something about Delhi.
There’s something about the premature winter winds of November, something about the bustling crowd at the metro stations, about the pretty young faces sitting at the Hauz Khas fort, about the restless, busy people walking on the roads, and the young groups of friends outside the malls.
There’s something about travelling in the metro, looking at the faces standing around you, wondering about their lives, and watching the city go by.
There’s something about cutting a birthday cake on a bench in Deer Park. There’s something about listening to Ambar by Raghu Dixit at Delhi Haat amidst illuminated trees.
There’s something about gorging on the typical north Indian chaat from a roadside food vendor when you are incredibly hungry.
There’s something about purposefully not wearing anything warm and then catching a cold and sitting in bed cutely sniffling away and whatsapping.
There’s something about living with a typical family who fusses over you and takes care of you and feeds you twice as much of ghar ka khaana than you are generally used to eating.
There’s something about watching a Shahrukh Khan movie on his birthday till 5 in the night, making fun of everything about it, and then getting up at 3 in the afternoon the next day.

I’ve spent only four days here, but I already feel so connected to the city. The sprawling, massive, frightening, liberating city. I can’t get enough of it. 6 more days here :)
Also, my birthday week has begun! I’m going to collect all my Delhi memories and keep them in a little bag when I go back home. Delhi, you can be so harsh and mean, but oh I love you :')


  1. Astha, I just came back from Delhi and though I have not experienced everything that you have written here, I could relate to this post. There is definitely something about Dilli - walking and bargaining in Connaught Place, trying to make your way through the markets, inhaling the cool breeze, gazing at the buildings in Lodhi road, getting excited while passing through Sansad marg and looking at the beautiful young ones lost in their own world.

    Alas! I had only a day there.

    Joy always,

    1. Yes Susan! I visited Connaught Place today, and it was so wonderfully chilly! I'm going shopping for winter wear tomorrow :)
      Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. Asthaaaaa....I have about 6 incomplete Delhi poems lying in my drafts, none sketched this city so beautifully. :)

    And the next time you have to visit Paharganj- Majnoo Ka tilla- Chandni Chowk! :)

    1. Thanks Kshipra! :D
      Complete one of them and post! I seriously love Delhi now :D

      Paharganj is one place I wasn't able to visit. But next time, definitely the next time! I'll remember Majnoo ja tilla!


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