Friday, February 1, 2013


Today was the kind of day where Murphy was at his sadistic best. One of those days when you think things could not get any worse, except that they do. It was one of those days when everything bad you can imagine happens to you. You get out of bed and step on a nail, you slip in the bathroom, you miss breakfast, you walk into a cactus plant, you fall in a ditch and break all your teeth and there is no mosambi juice when your soul is desperately crying for it.

We were supposed to prepare a news bulletin as part of an assignment for TV Reporting and we were given an entire day to do it. We were five people, and I thought we would easily finish our assignment way before time. HAAH! So we wished. Everything from our camera, to the memory card, to the mic, to the cable, to the laptop, to the editing software, to the edited footage, to the electricity decided to conk off at regular intervals killing us painfully inside. There was so much of screaming and shouting and chaos and mess and outrageously impossible mishaps that at one point of time I was seriously considering walking out of the studios, walking straight to the hillside and jumping right off. We finally managed to finish it three hours after we were supposed to submit it, only to be thrashed by the teacher. I never realized preparing a news bulletin was such a tedious and painful task when I used to mindlessly flip over news channels.

I think I’m going to stick to print, thank you very much. I need time to think, and there’s no goddamn time when you are working for TV news! You oversimplify everything because it is for the “common man.” You slog laboriously for hours and then the viewer gulps it down in a few minutes, probably doesn’t even pay attention to half the things you say or show in it, and it is not even gratifying. I know I'm being negative and whiny but try going through a day like this. Cannot subject myself to this on a daily basis. I’m surprised I came out alive. So, broadcast journalism goes out the window. Fo shizz. 

Just cannot get over the sheer magnanimity of the unbelievably horrible day I had. Thank heavens it’s over. I better go to sleep before a huge spider crawls inside my room through my window and gobbles me up. 


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