Friday, February 8, 2013

How fickle my head and how woozy my eyes

Yeah you guessed it from the title. Been listening to a lot of Mumford and Sons. I hate it when music makes too much sense sometimes. NO, I do NOT want to relate to every song and apply it to my life’s problems and dilemmas.

It seems like the world has started to move faster and I am only moving slower than ever. Assignments, colleges fests, competitions, they all just seem to whizz past me. There is this dull sense of foreboding, and a callous indifference to one and all. Interviews and group exercises for our junior batch are going on. I just stood looking at the aspirants, standing in their queues, anticipation and excitement flowing out of them. One year back I stood where they stand today, nervous and energetic and bubbly. Too bubbly, I suppose, talking to everyone like an overexcited little ferret. But I was in love with the campus, and every fibre of my body wanted to get admission into this college.

Where do I stand now? I have no idea. I’m nowhere. I’m suspended mid-air between a mountain and an abyss, between a rock and a hard place. Everything is blurry. I’m not even the same person anymore. I’ve gained a lot, but I’ve lost so much more in the process. I’m wandering aimlessly, and I do not know if I would be found. I do not know if I even want to be found. It's such a sad age to live in when it's Facebook that asks you 'How are you feeling, Astha?' I honestly hadn't imagined life to take this turn. 

Moving on to less despondent topics, I would like to share our college news website with you people, where my aspiring Journalism friends and I write regularly. Do visit it? Here's the link:

Also read my recent article, the direct link to which is---> this.
Do read it and give me your comments! Here, or there itself.

I guess accomplishing little tasks is the only thing keeping me sane. Other than the dangerously increasing frequent cups of hot coffee, my journal which has finally resurrected, my blanket under which I can dissolve and shut out the world, and my blog, which has withstood catastrophes and whirlwinds, and traumas and disasters. And it still stands, through it all. I guess there are some things in life which manage to remain consistent, after all. 



  1. I agree with the fact that facebook is getting creepier and creepier with its techniques to be more 'user friendly'. These feelings are very relatable. Also, Mumford and Sons lovee!

    Btw, just wanna let you know that I have tagged and awarded you. Congoz. Your blog is awesome.

    1. Thaaaank you! I just wrote a post about it :)

  2. Good articles on simc-wire. Keep Going! You will Rock! :-)

  3. You were in love with the campus? I thought you still are

  4. Hello astha. I nominated you for Liebster award.

    1. Thanks Aqsa! :) I saw, and posted about it!


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