Friday, April 6, 2012

Gotta love them TV shows!

I ordered another book on Flipkart! :O Gaaaaaaahh, someone needs to close this website down! (Okay, NO! I don’t mean it. It’s the best site ever. Period.) But I’ve ordered so many books in the last few months when I already have so many books lying around that I have to read.. and SO, SO many more which I haven’t even bought! :/ Life is just too short to do all the reading and watching that you have to do. (Yeah right, says me, who falls asleep after 20 pages and never bothers to watch the movies lying eagerly, waiting and hoping for me to watch them) What’s wrong with me?! I’ve become too complacent and laid-back man :/

I used to be a fervent reader. I remember going to my school librarian and requesting her to let me issue more books than what we were allowed to. But they were mostly the new-age popular fantasy or mystery stuff. Now when I want to read all the classics and the other good things, I’ve become… this. Is it because I have other, more convenient things to do? Or maybe because I have lesser time to spare? (Who am I kidding?)

I’m watching Seinfeld these days. I had heard loads about it, but it just doesn’t do it for me. I mean, there are some very good punches and good jokes and everything, but it just doesn’t have what Friends has. Do you know what I mean? When you watch Friends, you instantly fall in love with each and every character and their traits and idiosyncrasies and you can’t help but want more and more of it. But in Seinfeld, it takes time. And then the episodes follow the same pattern, till it becomes to look a little forced and unrealistic. Okay, before all the pro-Seinfeld people jump down my throat, it’s just my opinion. Okay? Relax. I don’t know, maybe I’m too biased towards Friends because I grew up watching it and I’m too attached to it.

I’ve watched Friends twice completely and otherwise I watch it whenever it’s on. You just can’t beat it. Ross’ nerd-ness, Monica’s almost OCD-like fussy attitude, Chandler’s sarcasm, Pheobe’s extreme, utter craziness, Joey’s stupidity and Rachel’s spoilt brat cuteness. It forms the perfect pot pourri, you know? :)
I'm not even going to quote my best dialogues. There are just too, far too many.

Another TV show that comes close to this is The Big Bang Theory. I cannot tell you what Sheldon does to me. He is the most damaged, twisted, disturbed, insensitive, awesome guy I’ve ever come across in any TV show. And generally I’m not a very generous laugher, but I laugh when Shelley’s at his Bazinga best or when he complains about piddling little things about his existence. Oh, how he cracks me up! He deserved the two Emmy awards that he has won. How can anybody not love the guy? He makes life less hard to deal with! I love the makers of these shows. 

The third show on my list would have to be Scrubs. I’m so much like Elliot Reid. Crazy, neurotic, brash, skinny, not in the wee bit graceful, and sometimes I simply don’t think before speaking. And I love Dr. Cox’s sarcasm. He beats Chandler right, left and centre. His dialogues are the most honestly insulting and funny. And sometimes I go into these JD like fantasies, where I imagine entire situations way into the future; with the whole chaos theory playing its part. And of course there Dr. Jan Itor. I love him because he’s Chee’s favoutite too :)

On a completely different note, I’m in love with this song "Half Asleep" by the School of Seven Bells. Go watch it and read the description. It’s beautiful. It's got this ethereal feel to it. And once you listen to it twice, it’s going to fix a permanent position in your mind for the next few days :)

And check out the lyrics:

"What begins as an unguarded train of thoughts,
Slowly can become an addiction to the slumber of disconnection.
The resonance of memory that no longer has a shape,
But keeps you numb through the hours, till gone is another day."

So poetic, right? :) I can relate to them so well!

I have to go do some serious Case study reading for an external International Business Management group discussion in college tomorrow. Yeah, I know it’s midnight, and I haven’t started reading yet. But seriously, don’t you know me already? 
Have a good day! 


  1. I love all the shows you've mentioned, but Friends takes the cake for me! :)
    Ohh and Flipkart is amazing.

    1. I know, right? :) So many wonderful things in life :')

  2. Ah, I must apologise a little because I'm kinda responsible for the latest flipkart splurge here. :D But trust me, it's a remarkably fast-to-read book so you'll finish it right away! :) And that happens to me too! I really wish I could read less study books and read more for pleasure but then I realise what I commit to memory or not can change the direction of a patient's progress so it scares me and I go back to studying my textbooks!

    And I totally get that about Seinfeld. I think I was on to the show pretty late so I never got what the craze about it was. I didn't find it all that great. I mean it's okay but Friends is definitely better. So is Scrubs! And I'm totally like Elliott too! :D Haha, I think we've had this conversation already though. :D

    One brilliant sitcom or rather Britcom that I discovered recently is Coupling which I saw on Comedy Central and then downloaded and watched straight to the end! Brilliant characters man. And very witty dialogue! And Jeff! He's so brilliant.

    Also if I started up about Sheldon here I would never finish this comment. So suffice it to say, that he's is absolutely beyond comparison man! I love Jim Parsons! And those lyrics sound great. Will check out now! :)

    1. Karishmaaa! Yes, you are responsible for my latest purchase, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to regret it :D
      I can't believe you still take out time to read, what with you going to become a doctor and all :O
      I think Seinfeld was really popular before Friends came out. People speculated that Friends was just another Seinfeld-ish attempt, but soon after, it just stole the show and how! :P

      I think I've vaguely heard of Coupling from my cousin who lives in the UK! I'll try to check it out sometime!

      Sheldon is my absolute favourite little baby! :D

      And on, I forgot to mention one more TV show! The Office (the US version)
      It has amazingly hilarious characters and a real cute love story. And it doesn't have a laughter track! I don't know how I missed that one out! I love it :D

  3. Oh I know,so many books to read and so little time
    Some trivia,The human race publishes a book every 30 seconds,if no single book was published from this moment on,and if you can read 4 books a week,200 in a year,10000 in half a century,it would take 250,000 years to acquaint with the books already written:D

    I still remember the first time in 2009,when a google search led me a pretty suspicious looking site named flipkart which looked way different from how it looks today.It looked like a site made by a final yr engineering student for his project:D.And after ordering 6 books,I sent a prayer to the lord,hoping it was not an online phishing scam for credit card details:-)

    1. Hey Arumugam! Thanks for the trivia! :D I think I've read something similar somewhere. But nevertheless, it still managed to fascinate and disappoint me. One lifetime is just too short, no? Only a measly 70 years? Sheh.
      Oh I just started ordering books on Flipkart very recently and I love the feeling I get when that brand new, nice-smelling shiny book is delivered! The best thing about it is the Cash on delivery system!
      You ordered 6 books? :O Whoooa! That was courageous!
      I'm so glad people like you comment on my posts! :D Thanks!

    2. Oh yeah, Arumugam, I actually remember flipkart from its early years. I'd ordered Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham as a trial book for 230 bucks and was delighted beyond belief that it arrived three days later wonderfully packed. I haven't been able to let go of the addiction ever since. I mean, you don't even have to take the effort of will to trudge down to a bookstore. A couple of clicks and there you are - your book is on its way to you! :)Too brilliant man! In fact, flipkart was so ordinary looking once that I have trouble believing my eyes when I see it now with the range of products and the tv ad spots and stuff. I'm so glad it took off!

  4. err..This post was about sitcoms,I realize that now:D
    I saw the words 'reading', 'books', 'flipkart' and went off at a tangent.Never mind:-)

    1. Relax! This post can e about anything and everything under the sun! :D

  5. Okay I've heard the song about ten times now and I'm up a lot longer than my usual bedtime allows me to be. And I am literally 'half-asleep' but I love the mood that this song evokes man! It feels very dreamy and light and floaty and almost intangible you know! :D Wow! I should stay up more nights! :D

    1. I'm so glad you got what I mean! I feel like just fluttering away when I listen to this song. I can share many such songs with you! Next time on Gtalk! :D
      And staying up is the best thing about college life! I don't feel the same way in the mornings though :\
      Thanks for coming back and commenting! :D

  6. The same goes for me..So many unread books, and yet with each book I read 5 more get added to the 'to-read' list.....And as soon as I get money, I want to buy MORE books,with nice bookmarks.....

    And the sitcoms...I think I love them all...
    I think I have a secret crush on Sheldon.
    Haven't tried Seinfeld yet, but SOON.
    Oh and do try watching/reading Game of Thrones...Its so intriguing from the first 5 minutes .

    1. I hear you girl. The pressure is just too much :P
      I wish I could read doubly fast and had four times the amount of time in a day. I love bookmarks too! :D

      And sigh, I have Game of Thrones and you won't believe how many people have asked me to watch it. But I want to read the books first, and I don't know when that is going to happen. So I guess we'll just have to wait for now :)

  7. no offence meant...but not a big fan of friends :D

    i too really like big bang theory a lot. sheldon is of course amazing, but must say, the other characters too have acted very well.

    one tv show i really enjoyed was 'That '70s Show'. downloaded n watched just last year. we know a person who dint like it as much :D but i beg to differ. know loads of ppl who have watched it n loved it. you've watched?

  8. Well, no offence to you too, but I've seen That '70s Show and I didn't think too highly of it :P
    Friends is much better, as per my opinion :)

    And yes, the other characters in BBT, especially Howard and Amy are really good as well :)

    1. I agree! I couldn't get what the big deal about The 70s Show was. It wasn't all that funny. Like okay timepass types. But seriously! Friends is supercool I can just keep rewatching it ad infinitum. :) And yup, The Office (US series) is pretty great. The cast is wonderful. But the original UK series was pretty brilliant too. The humour was quite a bit nastier as well. I mean in the US version, Steve Carrell plays the character as a goofball with good intentions while Ricky Gervais' character was a genuinely rude and meanspirited person. It made the series a touch closer to life and it made you kinda vindicated for laughing at these people, you know what I mean?

    2. Agree with you on That '70s show. The Office is hilarious man. I miss Steve Carell. I just love him for what he is. His peanut sized brain and his ego issues :P
      I haven't seen the UK one; but I know what you mean!


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