Monday, April 9, 2012


There is something about the night time,
When the breeze doesn’t blow and the moon doesn’t shine.
When the stars don’t smile down at you,
A feeling of being in sync with nature.

The ebony sky stares back at me, resting
Its eyes closed, and its arms enveloping me.
I am at peace. I am stagnant.
Constant. Maybe too constant.

Abysmally satisfied.
Dreadfully calm.
Desperately content.
My heart is fickle.
My mind is cold.
My eyelids are heavy.
My heart longs.
For something that perhaps doesn't even exist.

Breathing, existing, waiting, listening.
Waiting for something to touch me again.
Waiting for something to strum the chords of my dull heart once more.
Waiting, without any emotion engulfing me whatsoever.
Waiting with a hope,
That time will dissolve it. 
Dissolve it and change it, into something beautiful.

The blankness, the stillness
It’s so serene, almost perfect.
The music wafts through the stillness and surrounds me,
I want to feel alive again.

Blow once again,
Take me away.
Carry me on your wings,
Rain down on me.
Drench my soul.

Take my hand and I will follow,
With my life following behind me.
I want to live now.
I want to be in love again.


  1. Is this non fiction? :)
    Anyway, beautifully written, and I'm sure if this is non fiction, you'll overcome this feeling of constancy and feel alive again :)

    1. Er, yes. This is non fiction. Thank you :)
      I hope the same!

  2. This is so well written!
    Love it :)


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